Write For Us!

Do you love to travel and have a passion of sharing your adventure to your family and friends? Why not share it with the whole world? (You do not need to be traveling as well – you can write travel guides about the place you live. )

Jacaranda Travels now accepts guest posts – Jacaranda Writing Partners (JWP)! Jacaranda would love to hear from aspiring writers and fellow bloggers who share the same passion and adventurous spirits like he has! We, the travel addicts 🙂

What Jac is looking for..

The first thing we need is an example of your writing. Please submit an original piece of your own writing about your own travels, a destination you have visited and experiences you have had.

You may submit a rough draft, a partial draft, or a short pitch of your article.


That means you may need to send us your article title to us first, to make sure that it is the type of subject we accept. There are certain type, topic, guide and tips on the title before you start writing.

Please don’t send us press releases or sales pitches. They make us feel sad inside.

Article should have at least 1000 words.

Excellent quality photos (800 x 600 px) landscape format only works best. Another thing, if you can use your own original photos, that is preferred. Try not to use pictures from the internet. We do not want to breach copyright laws now, do we? This will be your sole responsibility!

The article piece should be in the English language without grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Each posted article will have a few sentences on About the Author section. Please prepare 4 to 5 sentences BIO information about yourself and also submit a profile picture in high resolution. A head-shot of yourself which fills the whole frame is best.

The BIO on the About the Author section may contains link back to your own blog(s) so that any interested parties can see more of your writing and contact you through your website.

Do Jac Pay for the Aricles?

Well, typically No… But, yeah sure Jac pays. We pay some of our writers depending on the articles and project, range from $10 to $50 per article.

If we can accept your first article, this will be published in Jacaranda Travels (Yey!) as a Guest Post.

Once you have successfully submitted three (3) Guest Posts, then we can accept you as an official Jacaranda Travels Contributor*, with access to create and publish your own articles.

Payment starts on your fourth (4th) article.

Your three Guest Posts will become your Two Monkeys Travel Writer portfolio.

If you’re interested, you can drop an email to JacarandaTravels@gmail.com

IMPORTANT – ‘Original piece of your own writing’ – This means it must entirely your own work, nothing copied from anywhere else. It must also not have been published anywhere else before, on paper or online.

If we accept a piece of work and we agree to publish it on Jacaranda Travels, that same piece of work cannot be published on any other website. 

*Contributors’ posts should not be for the sake of a backlink to their site