Where Do You Want To Go Today?

With over 7,000 islands, there are a lot of tourist spots in the Philippines. Hare are some of the places you can check out.



Whether you are a local tourist or someone from overseas, the Philippines never seems to run out of tourist destinations regardless of the season.

Summer season though is one of the best times to go traveling because there are less chances of running into tropical storms so one can expect calm seas and good roads.  After all, off season rates look attractive but it all flies out the window when you spend half your vacation inside your room because of a brewing storm.

So with literally thousands of islands, the question is, where to go this summer?


There are easily over 50 different destinations in the Philippines worthy of anyone’s bucket list, but to make it manageable, lets filter them down to the Top 4 for 2016. As you will soon see, even choosing from among them is no mean feat.

Incidentally, they are in alphabetical order and not ranked on this list.

What To Do in Bohol?

Bohol island is fast becoming THE go-to place for those who want a less congested alternative to Boracay. That is not to say that Bohol is merely a second tier choice. For an increasing number of tourists, Bohol is the top destination in the South. Wondering what you can do while vacationing in Bohol?

While Bohol has its share of churches and museums, the main attraction here is nature via destinations like the Chocolate Hills as well its beaches and resorts.

All forms of water sports and leisure activities are well covered in Bohol. There are many caves and falls to explore as well as an Adventure park.

For those wishing for more in the nature department, there are islands to visit including the Mystical Island of Lamanoc and Pandanon Island.

The great thing about these destinations is that they are not cookie cutter types with attractions that are unique to each one.

For those who want a more relaxed experience, the Bellevue Bohol is one premiere destination providing a paradise beach getaway with good food and luxurious accommodations. To many, it’s the ultimate place in Bohol to chill by the beach.

Where To Go In Cebu?

Also known as the Queen City of the South, for tourism purposes let’s divide the province into two distinct classes of destinations.

One is Cebu City which caters to the tourists who want to see historical places which Cebu City is full of from churches and temples to historical monuments and museums.

All these places will impart the tourist with a taste of the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines. For the religious, the Basilica del Santo Nino, Carmelite Monastery, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral and the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod should be on your short list.

The more historically and culturally inclined can visit the Casa Gorordo Museum, Fort San Pedro, Cebu Heritage Monument, 1730 Jesuit House and the Museo Sugbo.

These places are by no means the only places to go to there.  They can be considered as just samplers of all the treasures waiting to be discovered in Cebu city.

The other destination class is Cebu Island where one can indulge their love for beaches, water sports, nature or just laze around enjoying tropical island living.

For the divers, Cebu boasts of numerous dive sites. Not surprisingly, diving and snorkeling are rated as the top things to do in Cebu Island. Enjoying nature is second on the list. There are many majestic water falls, marine sanctuaries and Nature Parks around the island.

The biggest problem of any visitor would be finding the time to visit all of them and being able to enjoy them at a pace that such beauty requires. There are also numerous idyllic islands surrounding the main island and each one deserves a whole day to be appreciated in its entirety.

Places to Visit in Davao

Davao has recently been much talked about in the news (as of this writing May 2016) because the President-elect of the Philippines is the former Mayor of Davao City. But before this, Davao was already very popular with local and foreign tourists alike.

Being located in the Philippines, Davao undoubtedly has its fair share of beaches one of which is the very popular Samal Island which is a destination that is popular with divers and beach lovers alike.

But what sets Davao apart are the highland destinations such as White Peak which is right on Samal island, Eden Nature Park and Mount Apo.

The location of Eden Nature park is at a place that is more than half the elevation of Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines.

So at 3000 feet high, it is a favorite getaway for those wanting the Baguio experience without having to travel to the North. Once you have had your share of peaks and beaches, Davao also offers many museums such as the Museo Dabawenyo and historical sites like the Japenese tunnel.

After traversing through all these destinations, the weary tourist can kick back and relax in one of the many cosmopolitan bars and restaurants in the city for a perfect finale to the trip.

Tourist Spots in Palawan

Palawan is an extremely popular tourist spot and surprisingly the sheer number of tourists has done little to mar its vast selection of tourist destinations. A trip to Palawan would be perfect for those looking for a beach, diving or nature adventure.

Basically, Palawan is all about the beauty of nature in a relatively remote, tropical island setting.

There are numerous distinct destinations in Palawan, each one of them offering something unique.

El Nido

There is the popular El Nido where tourists flock to for the beautiful beaches, resorts and diving spots. Then those who wish to interact with animals can visit Rizal, Bataraza and Rio Tuba for the crocodiles.

Be advised though that while it is safe, this is not for the faint of heart as these crocodiles are quite large and menacing.

For a more relaxed interaction that does not involve man eating creatures, there is Cagayancillo where you can see the sea turtles and engage in diving as well to enjoy these creatures in their natural habitat.

Puerto Princesa

For the spelunking and adventure travel crowd, Puerto Princesa is a must see for its subterranean river and caves, as well as its National Park. Other excellent destinations include Coron, Busuanga, Aborlan, Narra which all offer different flavors of naure as well as scenic beaches, waterfalls and diving spots.

Last but the least, for the cultural tourists, Culion, the Apostolic Viacriate of Puerto Princesa, Brookes Point and Aborlan offer a veritable treasure chest of cultural and historical attractions.

With more than 7000 islands, the Philippines offers a wealth of places to discover for both local and foreign tourists.  The best thing about it is that with so many different establishments, there is undoubtedly one for every interest, group and budget. It’s a diversity of places that is unique to the Philippines. Also, the places here were not ranked, simply because they cannot be ranked. Each one of them have unique experiences that one would be hard put to choose one over the other. In fact, the hardest question is trying to choose just one destination. With all the unique attractions, you would in all likelihood end up deciding in which order to visit all of them.