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The Philippines is a beautiful and fun country. What better way to promote it than through the eloquent words and awesome photographs of Filipino travel bloggers.

Pinoy travel bloggers have not only encouraged their fellow countrymen to explore little known destinations within the country; they also provide excellent advice on traveling and how to keep your travel expenses within your meager budget.

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HIGHLY REcommended Pinoy Travel Bloggers to follow

Leading Filipino Travel Bloggers

In random order and in no particular order (because I know for a fact that all of their adventures are unique), here are the a number of of leading Filipino travel bloggers today that I highly recommend you follow.

Jonathan Howe and Kach Medina
(Two Monkeys Travel Group)

2 Monkeys Travels GroupJonathan Howe and Kach Medina’s Two Monkeys Travel Group offers a variety of informative travel articles, hotel and hostel reviews, and many more.

Proponents of what they call “sustainable travel lifestyle”, Jonathan and Kach provide useful information on traveling to just about every corner of the globe without breaking your bank.

I particularly love their love story. πŸ™‚ Check out their specially made video on their YouTube Channel.

Jonathan and Kach are all over social media! You can follow them on their FB Page, Twitter, Instagram and of course on their 2 Monkeys Travel Blog.

Melo Villareal (Out of Town)

melo villarealMelo Villareal is considered to be one of the pioneer travel bloggers in the country.

Having traveled to over 500 islands in the country as well as in Southeast Asia, Melo offers helpful travel advice and various reviews while showcasing his awesome photographs.

You can follow Melo on his blog or his Facebook Page! If you are into twitter, you can also check him out there. He tweets great articles from his blogs, travel news and more interesting stuff.

Leo and Nina Castillo (Shoestring Travelers)
Leo and Nina CastilloAs part of their missions and social work, Leo and Nina Castillo were not only able to travel to remote and, sometimes, dangerous locations all over the world, they were also able to meet members of the urban poor who might never be able to travel beyond their respective communities.

The Castillos not only bring these people’s stories and their experiences to their readers through their articles and photographs; they also offer travel advice on a shoestring budget and encourage volunteerism to help those less unfortunate in the world.

You can Like and follow them on their Facebook page.

Mandy Navasero

MandyAlthough not really a prolific travel blogger, Mandy Navasero remains one of the leading photojournalists in the country.

Her photographs have not only graced publications like The Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Manila Standard, Manila Bulletin and Panorama, she has also written a number of articles on the subject of travel and the many beautiful destinations in the Philippines.

Ms. Mandy has been extensively promoting and boosting tourism in the faraway province of Batanes through her popular Batanes Photo Safari Tour.

You can follow Mandy on her Facebook account. She also has a Facebook page about Batanes – Batanes Photo Safari!

If you are into bloging, she also has a PR blogger blog, and her Safari Photography blog. I recommend checking this one since this is the one that has the recent update.

Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos (The Poor Traveler)

ThePoorTravelerYoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos are quick to point out that anyone can travel, even on a tight budget, and they offer great practical tips on how to do it.

They also talk about how to deal with travel nightmares, like getting lost in a foreign country and maintaining proper skin care while on the road.

Such is the popularity of their blog that they were even featured by the BBC. Amazing!

They blog at, Tweets and of course shares their amazing photos on Instagram! You can also follow them on their Facebook page.

Aleah Taboclaon (Solitary Wanderer)

Aleah TaboclaonAleah Taboclaon has been a veteran of solitary wandering since the tender age of 11.

Aside from sharing her numerous experiences at traveling, she is particularly noted for her very sweet article “Date a Girl Who Travels“, which has been translated into various languages.

You can follow and keep in touch with Aleah in her Twitter account as well as in her Facebook page. You may also want to follow her in Instagram where she shares her adventures too!

For me, since I am a more of a blog person, also check out her blog – Solitary Wanderer.

Liliane Cobiao (Wanderlass)

Liliane CobiaoIt’s an understatement to say that the very lovely Liliane Cobiao has been bitten by the wanderlust.

In fact, her love for traveling has enabled her to go on a monumental around the world trip, which covered 25 countries in 5 continents in 425 days.

Already, the breathtaking photos from her trip grace not only her blog, but also the leading publications in the country.

Ever helpful to her fellow travelers, Liliane offers great advice on visas and other travel matters both in her blog and on Facebook.

You can read all about her stories and tips on her blog – Wanderlass. Don’t forget to follow her on her Facebook page and twitter!


Ferdinand Legaspi (The Awkward Traveler)

Ferdinand LegaspiFerdinand Legaspi was once described by those who knew him as being shy and awkward, but traveling has enabled him to overcome his social awkwardness and meet many interesting people, among them Kach Medina of Two Monkeys Travel.

In fact, when not recounting his adventures in his own blog, he serves as contributing writer in Two Monkeys Travel Group.

Ferdinand is presently raising funds to be able to travel to all 81 provinces in the Philippines in order to promote the country.

Follow his adventure on his The Awkwardtraveler Blog and on his twitter and facebook account/Page.


Gem Muzones (Travels with a Hobo)

gemWhen not busy in her day job as a writer, editor and Content Marketing Strategist for an online marketing company, Gem Muzones enjoys traveling on a budget with her frugal boyfriend.

Their adventures, memorable photos, and tips on budget travel are all recounted in her blog for everyone, especially her fellow travelers, to enjoy and learn from.

So if you want to travel and you are on a budget, better follow Gem on her blog, Facebook Page and Twitter for cool tips on how to do it. Follow her also in her Instagram account.

Gael Hilotin (The Pinay Solo Backpacker)

Gael HilotinTravel doesn’t just involve planes, jeeps or ATVs.

Gael Hilotin shares the joys of getting around and everywhere through solo backpacking, a feat she accomplished in all 81 provinces of the Philippines.

Aside from giving tips to fellow backpackers, she also offers helpful advice on determining the most affordable airfare options available.

Follow and join her adventure in The Pinay Solo Backpacker blog!

Marky Ramone Go (Nomadic Experiences)

marky ramonegoMarky Ramone Go chooses to regale blog readers with his inspiring, poignant travel narratives, just like his idols Jack Kerouac and Paul Theroux.

It is his hope that readers will follow his example and travel and find meaning and inspiration in the places they visit.

His blog contains hundreds of articles about his travels and tons of tips. You can also follow him in his Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.

Jed Ryan Rosell (Biyaherong Barat)

Jed Ryan RosellWhile many travel blogs mix helpful articles and beautiful scenic photos, Jed Ryan Rosell prefers to use his breathtaking photographs as his blog’s main selling point.

And it works!

His photos of unknown and lesser known travel destinations have encouraged his readers to find the hidden beauty in every place they visit.

Check out his blog, Facebook Page and Twitter for this amazing photographs. Breathtaking indeed!

Jona Branzuela Bering (Backpacking with a Book)

Jona Branzuela BeringTrue to the name of her blog, Jona Branzuela Bering never goes traveling without a book tucked inside her backpack.

But Jona herself is an accomplished writer and poet, having been published in Rappler.

Her blog not only contains her articles on her travel experiences, but also inspiring poems.

Visit her blog and Facebook Page. Her instgram is currently not he one I got online, but she did have the account TravelingJona once.

Lois (We are Sole Sisters)

loisWe are Sole Sisters is actually a blog that is being run by women from all over the globe who share a common passion for traveling.

Co-founder Lois is a Filipina who demonstrated exceptional budgeting skills when she traveled through nine countries in six months on just less than P100,000.

In fact, Louis and her fellow “sole sisters” are all but happy to share advice on budget travel.

Check out their We Are Sole Sisters Blog now!

Aileen Adalid (I Am Aileen)

Aileen adalidAileen Adalid quit a promising job in corporate Philippines in order to pursue her love of travel.

Following the relaunch of her blog in September 2014, Aileen has been encouraging her readers to pursue a sustainable travel lifestyle, even on a Third World country passport.

Follow her on her Blog – I am Aileen. Check out her Facebook Page and Twitter too. Check it out on her blog!

Robbie Bautista (The Travelling Dork)

travelling dorkWorking in the complex telecommunications field has enabled Robbie Bautista to develop a deep love for travel and photography.

While he writes about his travel experiences, Robbie particularly cherishes his travel buddies and the people he met in the places he visited, thus emphasizing the joys of traveling with the right company.

You can follow Robbie on his FB page

Gay Emami (Pinay Travel Junkie)

pinay travel junkieGay Emami is a self-confessed “travel junkie mom” who enjoys backpacking in every place she visits.

Not only does her blog contain articles and photos about her travels, she also writes about food and adorns every post with charming selfies and adorable photos of her daughter.

It is her hope that her daughter will read her blog when she grows up and become inspired to travel as well.

Follow Gay on: Facebook:

Jonas Roque (Wandering Weekend Warrior)

Jonas RoqueBeing a web applications developer can be a cold, impersonal job.

What better way to relax and live than by being a wandering weekend warrior like Jonas Roque.

Although he writes about the joys of traveling, Jonas injects a lot of humor into his blog articles, poking fun at everything and anything, including his lack of a lovelife (owws?). πŸ™‚

Follow Jonas on his FB Page, Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe also to his blog feed on

Paula Peralejo-Fernandez (Paula the Explorer)

paula the explorerPaula Peralejo-Fernandez has an edge over other bloggers in that she owns her very own travel agency.

While she never fails to give advice to her readers on traveling on a tight budget, based on her experience at the agency, Paula also shares her personal travel narratives in the hope that people can learn from them.

You can follow Paula on her blog at Paula the Explorer and on her Twitter or Instagram.

Ivan Henares (Ivan About Town)

ivan henaresFor over a decade, Ivan Henares has been using his blog as his platform for his advocacy to preserve Philippine heritage.

His blog not only promotes little known tourist destinations, Ivan is also fighting for the preservation of these same sites for future generations of travelers to explore and love.

Join him in his journey and his mission in his blog, Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.

Kara Santos (Travel Up)
kara santosIf there are two words that best describes Kara Santos, it is definitely “Bad Ass!”

This freelance writer and photographer is not only an avid gamer, but she is also a motorcycle enthusiast, using it to get to exotic places in the country.

Like the gamer that she is, Kara’s travel adventures also get a level up when she scores high in her games, so that her readers are dying to find out what pursuits she is planning to undertake next.

Trisha Velarmino (P.S. I’m On My Way)
Trisha VelarminoIn 2013, Trisha Velarmino made the decision to quit her comfortable life in order to travel to South America in order to help the unfortunates there.

She soon discovered that her desire to help and teach English to those less fortunate has enabled her to travel for a lesser price as a volunteer and work in remote, but exotic locations all over the world.

Not only does her blog document her travels, Trisha uses it to voice her opinions on important issues.

Besides her blog, you can also follower her on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (@psimonmyway)

Ian dela Pena (Brown Man Trips)

Ian dela PenaFor Ian dela Pena, his blog is his legacy.

As an avid solo backpacker and photographer, he has traveled through many places, had many memorable adventures, and met new friends, all of which he narrates in his blog.

It is his hope that he will be able to share his stories with his children and grandchildren.

Besides his blog, you can also catch him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

Mervz Marasigan (Pinoy Adventurista)
Mervz MarasiganComputer programmer and adventurer Mervz Marasigan is more than happy to share travel tips with his readers, ranging from how to pack light to where to find the best, but affordable accommodations.

His blog’s main appeal though lies in food.

Traveling foodies can ask Mervz for the best places to eat in every corner of the country, like the best local kakanin and other native delicacies.

Like his FB Page and follow him on Twitter to be updated!


Mike Laagan (The Traveling Panda)
Mike LaaganTraveling was originally never a part of Mike Laagan’s plans because long journeys have a tendency to make him dizzy.

But he soon overcame this weakness and was able to trek through the most breathtaking, difficult to reach locations in the country.

One of his most memorable moments was being able to climb up to the peak of Mount Pulag in the Cordilleras in 2009.

All of his adventures are documented in both word and photographs in his blog. Hard to believe that this was once a man who suffered from vertigo!

Hannah Reyes

hannah reyesAlthough she is presently residing in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Hannah Reyes remains a ManileΓ±a and a Filipina by heart, frequently traveling back to the country.

Represented by National Geographic Creative, she has worked on a number of documentaries on indigenous cultures in the Philippines, particularly in Kalinga, Batanes, and Pampanga, Cambodia, and Mongolia.

Check out her amazing photo collection in Instagram as well as her own photos in her Facebook account. You can follow her there.

You can also stay updated from her blog at Hannah.Ph

BONUS! BONUS! What’s can I say?! There are many great pinoy travelers who blogs! Here they are!

11 More of the Most Exciting Pinoy Travel Blogger to Follow!

  1. Pinay TravelVista – Lisa Marie Mirasol: A complete testament to the fact that one can have fun even when working! Lisa is not your average travel blogger, who keeps updating about new places to visit.She is an established phone app maker and project manager who know how to maintain the perfect work life balance.

    She juggles her time between work, cooking, yoga, reading and of course traveling among many things. You will find her blog to be inspiring and at the same time dreamy.

  2. Ironwulf En Route – Ferdz Decena: A freelancing web and graphic designer, Ferdz takes all the time he wants to travel in between his work projects.His prior experience in designing lent an hand when he started his travel blog. He expresses his love to travel, meeting new people and making new friends in his blogs.

    Also, you would find quite a few techie gear related information in his blogs, as he is a big fan of the travel gears. He has been traveling since 2000.

  3. Akrosdayunibers – Harly Limlingan Marcuap: He loves two things passionately – travel and science. And he thinks that he has not done anything special.However, he is one of those few travel bloggers who has managed to cover more than 80 provinces of Philippines.

    He believes in honesty while writing and advices the same to all the fellow bloggers.

  4. Lakwatsero – Angel Juarez: You name anything that a travel junkie will do and Angel will be doing it.He is mountain biker, backpacker, surfer, photographer, adventurer, runner, scuba diver and much more.

    His blogging is not just aimed to provide you information on different places but it also helps you with tips and itineraries to help you have a good holiday.

    His blog is quite popular in Indonesia, and he has quite a few followers who inspire him to do more and better. He believes writing with your heart is the key to success.

  5. Eazy Traveler – Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap: Another travel blogger who has visited more than 80 provinces in Philippines and has done even what you might feel is impossible.His passion for photography shows well in his blogs where he has captured the moments perfectly.

    He quit his job in the marketing and advertising industry to pursue his passion in traveling and photography. He is quite an adventure seeker who tries his hand in everything from volcano trekking to scuba diving.

  6. Suroy Pilipinas – Earl Bolivar: His blog is more like his diary where he details his adventures across the land of Philippines and other destinations.He loves traveling, blogging obviously and also has a passion for adventures, photography and running.

    His objective is to promote the different places of Philippines to the travelers around the world. He includes tips to get to the place along with his adventures.

  7. Jovial Wanderer – Christine Fernandez: As you can see from the blog name, Christine is a very easy going and a simple person who loves traveling, thanks to her curiosity.She also loves writing making it easy for her blogging hobby. She believes writing helps her to put her thoughts more precisely.

    Her idea behind the blogging was to share her experiences and help anyone who wants to take that extra step to explore the world.

  8. Escape Manila – Glen Santillan: A travelogue and travel guide is what his blog is all about!He gives his readers a taste of both his successful and not so successful adventures.

    He is also the Vice President of the Davao Bloggers Society. He believes one should write blogs only if it is their passion and not for any other reason.

  9. Blissful Guro – Carla A: Having tried her hand in various fields, Carla finally found her passion in teaching arts and music.Her blogging is about her musings on her teaching along with her traveling. The blog is about exploring one place completely before moving on.

    She won an award in 2014, which helped her to visit many of her fellow travel bloggers in an event held in Singapore. Being true to oneself is what Carla believes to be her success.

  10. Discount travel blogger – Lyndsay Cabildo: A very social person, Lyndsay is quite optimistic in every situation.Her blogging is to help even those who are on a tight budget and has been inspired by people who wanted to know the best way to travel.

    Her blog is not just about places she visits, but it also speaks about the expenses incurred giving you an idea on whether the holiday is within your budget or not.

  11. Sole of Missy – Missy Penaverde: In her own words, she is a sentimental freak and she blogs about her adventures so that she can relive them through her words and photos.She has a never ending thirst for adventure and is quite optimistic in her endeavors. She was a lawyer before she joined the travel bloggers pack and loves traveling and writing.

Who Did I Miss?

These are just a few of the popular and talented travel bloggers that we have here in the Philippines.

It is our hope that we will be able to feature more of these bloggers and their wonderful blogs, adventures and photographs in upcoming articles.

Who else did I miss? Please share in the comment section below and let me know. Let this be a living breathing list of the great Pinoy travel bloggers!




  1. As an amateur blogger I’m really inspired by The Pinay Solo Backpacker. I check her blog regularly.

  2. Most of the blogs listed have inspired me in a variety of ways, but I must say, Travel Up rocks! πŸ™‚

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