Filipino Travel Bloggers on Instagram

The true measure of a travel blogger on Instagram lies in the quality and beauty of the photos they post. These qualities are especially important when it comes to showcasing the true beauty of various locations in the Philippine Islands.

If you are a Pinoy and you want to discover the hidden beauty of your country, make sure you follow these 15 Filipino travel bloggers on Instagram…

1) Angel Juarez (@thelakwatsero)

instagram pinoy travel blogger

Describing himself as “software engineer by clock-in. Traveler by clock-out”, Angel Juarez’s Instagram boasts of vibrant and mood-setting photographs from all across the country.

Perhaps, his best shots are those of people enjoying themselves on their vacations, proving that it is definitely MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.

2) Belle Gaitan (@bellegaitan) and Sam Arn (@samwithacam_)

instagram travel blogger

If there is one word that best describes the photographs of travel buddies Belle Gaitan and Sam Arn, it is definitely inspirational.

instagram travel blogger

Their photographs are so gorgeous and taken at just the right moment that it looks like they are better preferred to grace calendars or greeting cards.

3) Chad (@akosichadkulot)

tourist spots in the philippines

Chad introduces himself to be located in Las Islas Filipinas. Boy, does he capture the beauty of the Philippine Islands with such vividness and in amazing mood tones as well.

While he obviously loves the sea, based on the larger number of photos, he also has breathtaking images of cities and urban life.

4) Ivan Henares (@ivanhenares)


Ivan Henares is a tourism educator and staunch advocate for the preservation of the Filipino heritage, and it definitely shows in his photographs.

His pics are a vibrant mix of nature sceneries, and Pinoy urban and provincial life. Of course, he is not averse to showing off his photos taken during his travels to other countries, which are just as visually stunning.

But his liveliest, most fun photos were taken during some of the country’s famous festivals, the most recent of which was the Pahiyas Festival

5) Paula Peralejo-Fernandez (@paulatheexplorer)

paula explorer

Being a part-time travel agent comes with a lot of perks, including being able to visit a lot of places. But in the case of Paula Peralejo-Fernandez, her best photos are those which depict the charming slices of her life. Some photos are even accompanied by inspirational text.

6) Paul Quiambao (@paul_quiambao)


Paul Quiambao is Columbia Sportswear Ambassador, but he should also be considered an ambassador for Philippine Tourism as well. Needless to say, Paul’s photographs are absolutely stunning and breathtaking, with a touch of the surreal.

It may be hard to imagine that there are actually such beautiful places in the Philippines. But Paul’s ingenious use of filters brings out the sublime in every location and subject he decides to train his camera lens on.

7) Francis Gimenez (@francisgimenezphoto)

tourist spots in philippines

Francis Gimenez simply describes himself as a landscape photographer, but his photos are far from simple.

Armed with his Canon 70D, he has captured breathtaking sceneries, not only in the Philippines, but in other countries as well. Francis’ photos are so sharp, vivid and real that they deserve to be in the pages of National Geographic.

8) Gabz (@pinoytravelfreak)

pinoy travelfreak

Gabz is a true blue Pinoy who wants nothing more than to explore every hidden inch of the Philippines. His photos capture in vivid clarity and color the beauty of the Philippine seas. He is not averse to taking his camera inland where he is able to capture gorgeous landscapes and breathtaking views of waterfalls.

9) Kach and Jonathan (@kach2monkeys)

2 moneys

Kach and Jonathan Howe are more popularly known for their Two Monkeys Travel group, where most of their photos can be found. Of the few photos that are available on their blog, they feature colorful vignettes of life in the countries they have traveled to.

10) Kimi Juan (@kimijuan)

tourist spots in the PH

If you are looking for the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines (or in the world for that matter!), you need look no further than Kimi Juan’s Instagram.

Through Kimi’s camera, she is not only able to capture the pristine, natural beauty of the Philippine beaches; she also showcases gorgeous, but rarely explored locations on these same sites.

Being a beautiful young lady herself, Kimi also pops up in some of her photos. Truly the epitome of the beauty and talent of the Filipina!

11) Trisha Velarmino (@psimonmyway)

top pinoy travel bloggers

Global traveler Trisha Velarmino shows how it’s more fun to travel in the Philippines and abroad with a charming, vivacious Pinay.

From the doldrums of Metro Manila, she takes her followers on a tour to every corner of the globe. Her latest posts feature her stunning photographs from Brazil.

Trisha was recently named GirlRising Ambassador. A great title and job for a charming young Filipina!

12) DD Abella (@diwiwiw)

where to go in the philippines

DD Abella is a nature trekker whose inspiring and breathtaking photographs are best suited in an inspirational book or greeting card.

She also captures meditative images of provincial life. One of her most striking images is that of a two-centuries old abandoned house on stilts standing along the coast of Siquijor.

13) Mervz (@pinoyadventurista)

pinoy adventurista

Are you one of those poor, jealous people who can’t afford to travel, even within your own country? You can practically travel around the Philippines via Mervz’ Instagram because this travel junkie has literally been to all 81 provinces of the country.

His most recent trek (as of this writing/research) was through Las Casas Filipinas, showcasing ancestral houses from every corner of the country. Of course, when Mervz gets tired of all that traveling, he starts taking photos of food. Enough to whet one’s appetite!

14) Vann Lao (@imvann)


If you are looking for paradise, you need not look any further than through the lens of Vann Lao. Her images of the various Philippine beaches are enough to make you gasp in awe. She also takes truly exquisite drone shots that capture scenes with vivid sharpness and color.

15) Anton and Rache Diaz (@ourawesomeplanet)

our awesome planet

The best way to describe Anton and Rache Diaz’ Instagram is this: “See the Philippines through your stomach.” Indeed, the photos are a gastronomical dream, showcasing the best and little known in Philippine cuisine. Naturally, they also feature lovely sceneries in all the places they visited.


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    Awesome list of people to follow here. I know the 2 Monkeys. Have not seen their blog in a few years but it’s a winner. Fab branding on Instagram and through their blog as well. I’ve many eye-popping images to share but have been off IG for a minute. Time to get back on the network.


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