Ranking the Islands: Which Philippine Beach Island is best for Your Personality

You have probably heard about the 7000 glorious Philippine Islands where nature meets beauty.

Here you can soak in the breathtaking Island surroundings, drink some fresh coconut juice, experience the raw Philippine culture, and explore the reefs teeming with marine life.

How are the Beaches in the Philippines?

The Philippine Beaches are a step away from paradise- if not paradise itself.

From the hanging coffins at Sagada to the world’s smallest primates, these beaches will leave you spoilt for choice.

The crystal clear blue waters and the perfect white sandy beaches that stretch hundreds of miles are everything you could wish for in an ideal getaway.

With so many beautiful beaches, it doesn’t come as a surprise that choosing the best can be quite a task.

Which Philippine Beach Island is best?

If there’s a beach that has received consistent worldwide praise and appreciation, it is the Palawan Beach Island.

Forget about its gin-clear waters and powder-fine sand, Palawan Beach Island boasts of its marble cliffs, limestone formations, empty lagoons, prehistoric waterfalls, and varied sea life.

Jacques Cousteau, a renowned oceanographer, once described this beach island as “the most beautiful place on earth.”

Alex Garland, a world-class author, also drew inspiration from the different species of corals, lagoons, and impeccable beaches in writing his novel The Beach

As if these were not enough, this breathtaking beach island has been voted the most beautiful beach in the world, not once, but twice, by readers of Travel + Leisure, one of the most popular magazines in the U.S.A.

It was also selected as a backdrop for the film The Bourne Legacy.

What makes Palawan so unique? A unique personality! Unlike many other beaches, Palawan has a unique touch of personality.

From the colorful splashes of local color to the folklore, the morning prayers leading to Christmas and the pigs, goats, and chickens going about their business, this beach will give you a raw experience of the Philippines.

It also remains relatively untouched by modern influences, and you can easily have a beach all to yourself. Cool. Right?

Which One Matches Your Travel Personality and Style?

Are you the daring adventurer, the soul searching traveler, traveling to rejuvenate your senses, or to reignite fading romance?

With 7000 beaches to choose from, the Philippines offers you a chance to make a choice that matches your personality.

The open-minded adventurer

Palaui Island offers the best experience for your brave, adventure-seeking self, Surrounded by blue-green waters on one side and volcanic rocks on another, this enchanted island will give you a one on one experience with raw beauty.

Getting to Palaui is often quite the task. Even with the help of a guide, you’ll have to wrestle with muddy soil, thorny grass, and a thick mangrove forest. Nevertheless, your eventual Palaui experience will make this hustle a worthy one.

With no hotels or resorts, you will only be left with the choice of camping under the open skies, giving you the ultimate adventurer experience.

The soul searching traveler

Craving to discover the world and yourself? The secluded Caramoan Islands in Camarines Sur will help you come to terms with where you fit.

Teeming with marine life, underground streams, and freshwater pools, this could be the ideal place to help you get in touch with your inner self and learn some meaningful lessons.

People-focused traveler

Boracay Beach Island can best be described as “the life of the party.”

The dazzling beauty of this 4 kilometer stretch of beautiful white sands has made it a popular destination for tourists, adventurers, beach bums, and developers.

Even at night, the beach springs to life with open bars, cozy restaurants, and candlelit sandcastle.

Here you will meet people from all walks of life, from the friendly; locals to foreign developers.

Forming great memories with the people you meet will make your travel experiences more holistic and even therapeutic.

As it goes, “A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles.”

The conservative traveler

Untouched by modern life, the Bantayan Island in Cebu will suck you into its raw and unexplored beauty.

From the cold and cheap beers to the friendly locals, and the thriving aquatic life, Bantayan will quickly make you forget the troubles of the modern world and throw yourself into its secret enchantment with reckless abandon.

Sensual Traveler

Feeling like your senses need a reawakening? Panglao Beach island is the place to visit.

It boasts of a diverse menu of aquatic life and its beautiful white-sand beaches.

As you go dolphin watching and dive with sea snakes barracudas and coral formations, your senses will be awakened to the magical beauty that makes up this island.

Apart from the beaches and marine life, you can get to explore the 1000 Chocolate Hills, named for their brown color when the grass dies.

A walk in the mountains will reawaken your sensitivity to nature and everything around you, helping you appreciate the beautiful effect that nature has on your body.

Romantic Traveler

Just the two of you on a romantic getaway? The Southern Negros Island will give you something to write home about.

With its gin-clear waters, its long stretch of white sand, and marine life, you are guaranteed not only exceptional value for your money but also an awesome experience away from the modern world for just the two of you. 

Forget the rest of Southeast Asia; the Philippines will offer you an unforgettable getaway experience.

With 7000 beach islands to choose from (Yes 7000!), you will be left spoilt for choice, especially because every beach island comes with its sense of uniqueness.

The long stretches of white sandy beaches, the friendly locals, outstanding restaurants, and an ocean teeming with marine life, you can be sure not to have a dull moment.

Even as you make your choice, let your personality needs remain a top priority. What’s more, there’s a beach island for every personality under the sun. You won’t be left out.


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