Preparation and Safety Awareness Guide For Travelers

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Travelling can be a truly daunting prospect at times. A new country awaits – full of new food, and perhaps new customs, languages, and weather that we have to acclimatize ourselves to.

And that’s before we even think of the planning and preparation stage – budgeting, travel insurance, packing, working out how to get from A to B with as little stress as possible…

With all this in mind, the last thing we need is even more complications popping up. What if we miss our flight?

What do we do if there’s a natural disaster during our trip?

How could we possibly cope with anything else going wrong?

Preparation and Safety Awareness Guide For Travellers
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Don’t panic. Take a deep breath. With their ‘Preparation Guide & Safety Awareness Guide for Travellers’, Postcard Travel Insurance have created an extensive guide that answers all these questions and more. Just some of the areas covered in the guide include:

  • Travelling safely in general
  • Natural disasters
  • Overcoming personal disasters (such as lost luggage or passports)
  • Terrorists attacks
  • Theft
  • Political unrest

If you’re experiencing worry or stress before your trip, you’re definitely not alone.

According to the guide, for example, more than 35% of those surveyed are worried about becoming too ill to travel at the last minute.

A further 21% are reportedly concerned about airline delays or cancellations. 

To help you put all these worries behind you, and to fully prepare yourself for your next adventure, make sure you read the full guide yourself:

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