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DJ Rivera

On this interview blog post we’ll be featuring DJ Rivera of Pinoy Travelogue. Pinoy Travelogue is DJ’s a personal travel blog wherein he shares and highlights his experiends and travel stories. He also shared a lot of travel guides, hotel and resort reviews, and other contents related to traveling, all extracted from his first-hand experiences.

Besides sharing the beauty of the Philippines, DJ Rivera started his blog in with hopes of helping to promote the country’s tourism so that more Filipino people and foreigners will visit and explore the Philippines.

You can follow DJ in his Facebook Page, Instagram or you can drop him an email:


When did you start blogging about your travels?

Is there special reason for doing so? You mentioned that one of your goal is to visit the 81 provinces of the Philippines, how is the list?

I wrote the first entry for my blog on December 2014, narrating my hiking experience in Taal volcano, Batangas. I was just so inspirited after the trip and words to describe the marvel keep on flowing.

I love to write, but my professional career is relatively far from the craft. Since I fall in love with traveling, I started blogging at the same time to somehow give writing a shot. I always travel with hopes of helping the locals earn a living, that’s the least thing I can do. I write about my experiences to (hopefully) inspire others to travel bearing the same thing in mind.

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About traveling across 81 provinces, it has been a personal travel goal but I don’t mind how long it would take me to tick them all out. For me it’s about discovering new marvels within those provinces, the country has more to offer than what we already know. So far I have been to about 20 out of those 81. It’s still a long way to go!

Favorite Post?

What’s your favorite post you’ve published so far? What’s the one with most interaction/visits?

Favorite post: Unexpected Side Trip to Taal’s Main Crater Lake, starting my blog won’t be possible if not with that experience.

Most visited: My post about Minalungao National Park during the days it was not yet developed.

Most Memorable Travel?

What’s your most favorite or most memorable travel? What makes it the best or why is it the best?

I have two. One is my Taal experience for reasons I already mentioned, the other is my trip to Puerto Princesa. It was the first time to ride an airplane. Hahaha!

Travel Community memberships?

Are you or the blog member of any travel blogger community? I did try to joined UTG, it’s still ‘Pending’.. 🙂 You also mentioned you’re not accepting FB friends if you haven’t met them yet.. does this interview count that I can add you now? (kidding)

I am not a member of any community. I would like to join Pinoy Travel Bloggers but I don’t how to up to this date. LOL!

On my personal Facebook account, yes. But if its for the love of traveling, well, let’s flock together. Hahaha!

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Language / Dialect Learned?

From all those travels, Were are you able to learn new language/dialects.. or did it take you a while to learn it?

It took me a simple Google search to just understand the locals. Hahaha!

Local Foods?

Were you able to taste their local food? Any strange thing you ate that’s memorable? Which one did you like?

Haven’t taste anything memorable yet. I wasn’t able to try Tamilok when I was in Palawan. I’ll definitely go back for that.

Is there any particular place you’ve visited that you feel so at home that you were open in moving to that place?

Any place I go, I feel at home. Places I’ve been were still part of the Philippine soil, anyway. Kidding aside, I won’t be moving anywhere because if I did, I won’t be called a “tourist/traveler” in that place anymore. 😀

Top of Bucket list?

What place is still on the top of your bucket list? Why would you want to go there?

Palawan. I would like to roam around Puerto Princesa again. I just feel like doing so.


Have you tried monetizing your blog? If yes, how? Advertising? Adsense? Affiliate?

I have at least two units of AdSense.

How do you market yourself in social media, facebook likes, instagram, twitter, etc.?

Pinoy Travelogue is on Facebook,, and Instagram @pinoytravelogue.

If you are not traveling, what would you be doing now?

I would love to be asked this way: “If you’re not on a 9-6 day job, what would you be doing now?”. Well, traveling and blogging! 😀

What has travel taught you?

A lot. The most remarkable was that Philippines is so much blessed with natural, historical and cultural wonders. Such that every single province has something to be proud of. But despite this blessing, our kababayans whose means of living depend on these spectacular wonders live a life far from that beauty.

You may or may not know it but, you are inspiring other people to travel! This is where JacarandaTravels can help them. Do you have any advice or tips for aspiring travel bloggers?

I feel not in the place to give advise as I myself was a startup. But taking my own experience into consideration, I would say, #travelPaMore and let the inspiration brought by the experience enable you to write.

On starting a blog, JUST START, find a niche and everything will fall into place, no matter how long. 🙂


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