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Who says that only abled persons are the only ones capable of traveling to exciting places? For this interview, we talked to Ed Puno, The One Armed Wanderer, about his adventure and experiences on the road.

Quoting the About Me page of his website, “Ed may have limitations but he is using what was given to him.. feet to walk and wander”.

Ed Puno

What made you start your travel/travel blogging and when?

“I started with a personal blog back in 2013 were I used write random stuffs. It was last year in April when I started solo traveling and documenting my travels.”

“I had to start traveling alone when my closest friends (who used to be my travel buddies) started settling down.”

About The Blog

Who Designed Your blog?

Jac: I see that your blog is also powered by WordPress. Being an IT Analyst, any special Customization on your blogsite?

Ed: “Well, I just randomly choose from a wide array of free WordPress themes. I customize the themes (widgets etc.) but not to the extent that I modify the codes and scripts.”

What is your most visited article on the blog?

“The post with the most interaction/visits, it would be my post about Gustos night food market in Mandaluyong.”

What is your favorite post?

“I would say my trip to Ifugao province.”

“I was fascinated by the breathtaking scenery of the Batad and Banaue rice terraces. Being physically challenged (with short left arm), I couldn’t believe that I was able to trek to the entire stretch of Batad rice terraces.”

What makes it the special?

“It was memorable since I did not plan ahead of time and did not have any itinerary in mind.”

“On my way to Banaue, I was seated next to a beautiful solo backpacker from Spain. We became good frie

nds and ended up exploring Ifugao together.”

Travel blogger community

Are you a member of any Facebook group or online groups?

“I’m a member of several blogger groups in Google+ where I promote and share my blog posts.

Other than not, I have yet to join

mainstream travel blogger communities.”

Where are you able to learn new language/dialects.. or did it take you a while to learn it?

“I learned a couple of Tboli words when I visited Lake Sebu in South Cotabato.

I’ve met and became friends with 2 locals who are also members of the Tboli tribe. They were kind enough to share their culture and taught me some Tboli greetings.”

What’s your Scariest moment while traveling? What was the moment that happens that almost stopped your from traveling again?

“The scariest would be my trip to a resort in Gumasa in Saranggani.

Few days prior to my Sarangani trip, there was a national news about the military and NPA encounter in the province. A friend warned me not to visit the place but I insisted that I’d be safe.

I arrived in Glan, Sarangani late at night. I immediately took a tricycle to the resort. I did not expect that the tricycle ride to the resort where I would stay was almost 30 kilometers.

It was totally dark and there was no one on the road except for me and the tricycle driver.

It felt like the longest tricycle ride I’ve ever experienced.”

For every trip you’ve made, were you able to taste their local food? Any strange thing you ate that’s memorable?


I guess Tamilok (the mangrove wood worms) of Puerto Prinsesa is the most memorable food I have ever eaten.”

What place is still on the top of your bucket list you have yet to crossed out?


“This beautiful province is on top of my to visit list. It’s my ultimate Philippine destination.

I would love to learn more about the culture of Tawi-tawians, see the Badjao houses in stilts and experience the unspoiled Panampangan Island.

Some even claim that the Panampangan island has the finest sand in the Philippines!”

Is there any particular place you’ve visited that you feel so at home that you were open in moving to that place?

Definitely Vigan! I was suppose to stay in Vigan for 2 days but ended up staying there for 4 days.. It was in Vigan where I felt like I was a local.

There was one instance where I was walking along Calle Crisologo when a local suddenly invited me for lunch. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating!

Pack Your Bags

That’s it for our interview with Ed Puno. Reading about his story actually makes me want to read all his adventure again (I probably will).

If you want to travel, see and experience the beauty of the Philippines first hand, do it now. Ed has been all around the country, enjoying every bit of the trip and nothing is a hindrance to him.

If you want to reach out to Ed, you can contact him through his contact page where he shares his email and imessage (ios users).

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