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Work, Travel, Study.

If you think that is undo-able, better think again. This is what our featured travel blogger does! Joe Ray works in an IT-BPO company in Ortigas and also continues to study. He travels in every opportunity that he can.

About Joemar and the Blog

Can you tell me more about yourself and/or your blog?

The name is Joe. I am simple person who loves a cup of Joe in the morning before going to work as a Senior Associate for Operations in an IT-BPO Company. My blog is my travelogues and food trip diary. I created my blog to relive the experience about the food I tasted and the adventures that happened in my travels.

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When did you start travel blogging and what inspired you to start blogging?

I started my blog back in 2010. I intended to post some food reviews in restaurants in Davao City. I transform it into a travel blog since I feel the urged to share my thoughts and experiences whenever I reached an unfamiliar place.

Favorite Blog Post?

What’s your favorite post you’ve published so far? What’s the one with most interaction/visits?

My post about a restaurant called BU tapas, bedidas y bodega is one of my favorite post in my blog. I shared this post to the owner of the restaurant and he was very thankful for the positive write up of his restaurant. He claimed that I helped him build up his restaurant since it was a hole in a wall restaurant in the city. This post so far has the most visits. Sadly, the restaurant is now closed.

Most Memorable Travel?

What’s your most favorite or most memorable travel? What makes it the best or why is it the best?

You may check my post about Penang. It was my first time to go to Penang, Malaysia alone without an itinerary. This was also the first time I tried to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang by bus and figuring it out on the spot. This was so memorable and I even made a friend in Penang and toured me around the island.

Blogger Community?

Are you or the blog member of any travel blogger community?

I am not a member of any travel blogger community. I am a couch-surfer where I also met people who are into travel blogging.


From all those travels, were are you able to learn new language/dialects or did it take you a while to learn it?

I know how to speak Cebuano, Ilonggo and Tagalog. It was an easy for me to ask whenever I travel around Mindanao and Visayas region. But when I travel abroad, I see to it that I can speak the most common phrases that their country is using. I recently learnt some basic Thai phrases from my trip to Bangkok.

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Scariest moment?

What was the moment that happens that almost stopped your from traveling again?

Most of my travel, I had a positive outlook that anything can happen and I will enjoy the trip I had. This might not be scary for others, but leaving the new place you spent in the passed days are the most heart-breaking part of the journey in travelling.

This almost stop me from travelling for awhile since it’s a sad feeling that you have to leave your new found friends and the place you enjoyed.

Local food?

Were you able to taste their local food? Any strange thing you ate that’s memorable? Which one did you like?

In every places I been through, I see to it to taste their local dishes.This is the reason why I went to Penang because of their food and culture. The strangest thing I ate is a fried scorpion in Bangkok and it was charged to experience. I would never try it again. 😀

Favorite Place

Is there any particular place you’ve visited that you feel so at home that you were open in moving to that place?

Bangkok, Thailand! It’s about the people and the culture.

Top of bucket list

What place is still on the top of your bucket list? Why would you want to go there?

Machu Picchu in Peru. It is my soul that has the craving to go there.

Blog Monetization

Have you tried monetizing your blog? If yes, how? Advertising? Adsense? Affiliate?

I tried monetizing my blog with the use of Nuffnang and affliating with In the future, I’ll try AdSense.

philippine travel places

Marketing the blog

You’ve been featured in so many sites, social media and the press. How do you market yourself?

I really do not exert efforts to market myself. I just contribute articles to any websites and grab opportunities whenever there is available.

If you’re not a developer/coder right now, would you be pursuing your travel adventures? If not, what would you be doing?

Yes, I would pursue my travel ambitions. I would like to travel the whole country and explore the regional cuisines and write about it.

Travel Lessons?

What has travel taught you?

You can travel anywhere just believe that can reach your destination without hesitation. You can meet friends without social networking sites. Travelling is about you finding yourself in a whole full of people.

Travelling is not all about the money, its about the experience.

Your goal of inspiring other people to travel is great! I am sure you already made many people get up their behind and see the world. Do you have any advice or tips for aspiring travel bloggers?

Just do what you love, in this case travel and blogging. Grab every opportunity that will come.


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