Pinoy Travel Bloggers Interviews

On this page listed below are the Interview Top Filipino Travel Bloggers! Learn from their experiences on your next vacation!

You may contact and reach out to them if the information that may help you on your next travel is not included in the text interview!


Work, Travel, Study. If you think that is undo-able, better think again. This is what our featured travel blogger does! Joe Ray works in an IT-BPO company in Ortigas and also continues to study. He travels in every opportunity that he can. About Joemar and the Blog Can you tell me more about [...]

Tin Zablan-Centeno – Interview with a

For this week’s travel blogger interview we have Tin Zablan-Centeno, the lady behind the blog – I came to meet Tin through a mutual friend. After hearing about their (with her husband) amazing travel, I decided to get in touch with her for this interview. She was very [...]

Pinoy Travelogue – Interview with DJ Rivera

On this interview blog post we’ll be featuring DJ Rivera of Pinoy Travelogue. Pinoy Travelogue is DJ’s a personal travel blog wherein he shares and highlights his experiends and travel stories. He also shared a lot of travel guides, hotel and resort reviews, and other contents related [...]

Blog To Share Not To Have Perks – Interview with Mike Laagan

Our features adventurer for this week never travels without his good old stuffed friend, Panda. His name is Mike Laagan and he is the blogger behind the famous blog – The Traveling Panda. His primary reason for traveling is not to see those beautiful places but also because he wants to meet [...]

Vacation Checklist – Interview with Katherine Trigo “Tre”

Katherine (or “Tre”) Trigo is Traveler, Beach Lover, Explorer, Foodie, Adrenaline Junkie, Book Reader, Sunset Seeker, Earth Saver and a Yoga Fanatic all rolled into one! Like all our featured top pinoy travel bloggers, she’d been in different countries in Asia as well as all over [...]

Travel on A Budget – Interview with the Shoestring Travelers

The primary reason that we travelers wanders into great places because of curiosity. We want to experience first hand what it feels like to be in that place and not just to hear about it from our friends. Another primary reason is exchange of cultures, meaning the fact that we travel to new places, [...]