Blog To Share Not To Have Perks – Interview with Mike Laagan

Our features adventurer for this week never travels without his good old stuffed friend, Panda.

His name is Mike Laagan and he is the blogger behind the famous blog – The Traveling Panda.

mike at canon summer outingHis primary reason for traveling is not to see those beautiful places but also because he wants to meet new people, try local delicacies and be familiar and get exposed to difference cultures that we have in our country.

Mike is one of our Top Pinoy Travel Bloggers and you can follow his adventures in his social media accounts:

One of his most memorable moments was being able to climb up to the peak of Mount Pulag in the Cordilleras in 2009.

All of his adventures are documented in both word and photographs in his blog. Hard to believe that this was once a man who suffered from vertigo!

This is a short one as the Panda travels a lot and we are lucky that he gave us his valuable time to answer a few of our interview questions.

Here they are..

museo de sta. monica

1. What is your most favorite or most memorable travel? What makes it the best or why is it the best?

Mike: Every trip is memorable in its own way. I cannot say that I do have a favorite among my explorations but have places where I have gone back several times. Well before they became famous and became overcrowded during the weekends.

2. Are you or the blog member of any travel blogger community? Any Facebook group or online groups you are participating in?

Mike: A member of Pinoy Travel Bloggers. I was active before with several FB Groups but have toned down when my workload has significantly increased.

3. From all those travels, Were are you able to learn new language/dialects or did it take you a while to learn it?

Mike: I learned the Bisaya dialect since I lived in Davao City for 2 years and in Cebu City for more than 2 years. It took me awhile. Did not really learned the dialect when I was in Davao since most of my friends there were either from Luzon or Tagalog-speaking.

badian waterfall

4. Scariest moment? What was the moment that happens that almost stopped your from traveling again?

Mike:  There are scary moments where I fell off a cliff or got pulled by strong water current but it did not stop me from exploring.

5. Were you able to taste their local food? Any strange thing you ate that is memorable? Which one did you like?

Mike: I have always tried local foods whenever I travel to a place. It is part of the culture of each town I go to. But whenever I go to a place, I always look for their sweets or “kakanin”

6. Is there any particular place you’ve visited that you feel so at home that you were open in moving to that place?

– I lived in Davao City for two years and made many friends. I have always considered retiring there.

traveling panda

7. What place is still on the top of your bucket list? Why would you want to go there?

Mike:  While everybody is drooling to go to Batanes, I am waiting for the opportunity to explore BaSulta.

8. If you are not traveling, what would you be doing now? (assuming you’re doing this more of a full time).

Mike:  I do have a day job and traveling is way of life for me to de-stress and experience new things.

9. What has travel taught you?

Mike:  Travel has taught me the value of patience.

10. Have you tried monetizing your blog?

Mike:  I haven’t really monetized anything, yet! Hopefully, I will be able to.

11. Do you have any advice or tips for aspiring travel bloggers?

Mike:  Blog to share your journeys not to get perks. It will eventually come if you deserve it.

mike laagan

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