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Travel bloggers on Instagram always succeed at awakening the traveler within you, especially the ones who are wizards of photography and can lure you to your dream destination pretty quick.

Here are some of the photo bloggers that I follow on Instagram. These travel freaks are always pushing themselves into the unknown; you can find their footprints all over the place exploring untroden remote lands and exhibiting their prize for your eyes!

  1. @expertvagabond

Instagram travel blogger

Do epic landscapes stir something within your heart? Do you find nature brimming with adventure quite irresistible? In that case be sure to check out and subscribe to expertvagabond on Instagram.

He has been traveling full-time for 5 years. You will find entrancing images of him, scuba diving, hitchhiking, trekking distant mountain ranges and exploring the arctic.

  1. @worldwanderlust

Instagram travel blogger

Yeah, name is pretty descriptive of what awaits you in case you stumble across Brooke’s Instagram account; she is a 24 year old Australian who shares her photography of numerous popular vacation spots all around the world.

  1. @danielkordan

Instagram travel blogger

You cannot help but be inspired by Daniel’s spectacular photography of the places; New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Russia and Norway! His Instagram feed is choke full of natural beauty.

  1. @chrisburkard

Instagram travel photographer

Chris is a fantastic photographer of adventure landscapes and also features people engaged in fun-filled outdoor activities.

  1. @laurenepbath

Instagram travel photographer

Lauren shares with you her all enticing photography of various places around the world.

She is known to be one of the earliest professional Australian Instagrammer. She is currently exhibiting a wide collection of tempting images from different lands.

  1. @youngadventuress

Instagram travel photographer

Let Liz Carlson be your host as she flies, swims and hikes through several stunning places around the Middle East, Europe and New Zealand.

  1. @lebackpacker

Instagram travel photographer

Johan Lolos is a passionate travel photographer whose major pursuits consist of the wilderness across Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

  1. @roundtheworldgirl

Instagram travel photographer

Elise takes you on a thrilling adventure to several natural wonders across the world.

In fact, her earliest memories incorporate outdoor sightseeing and exploring the unknown. She has turned out to be an excellent photographer alongside, as well,

  1. @fosterhunting

Instagram travel photographer

Foster’s desire to travel was so strong that he resigned from his desk job and found himself exploring North America while living in a van.

He has such a fine collection of images of his journey covering beautiful spots on his way.

  1. @theblondeabroad

Instagram travel photographer

Kiersten  is such a pro at capturing fun photo shoot of festivals and food across popular travel destinations!

Certainly, the sexy bikini shots are a bonus to the steaming photo collection she exhibits on her Instagram account.

  1. @everythingeverywhere

Instagram travel photographer

Well, in case you are a seeker of unique travel photography, Gary is going to sound like your idea of travel adventure!

He is an award winning photographer who visits a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and helps you take a virtual tour of the same, with him.

  1. @colerise

Instagram travel photographer

Frankly, Cole has got really the most beautiful collection of photography of places around the world and he is likely to succeed in motivating you for wearing your travel shoes right again!

  1. @treyratcliff

Instagram travel blogger photographer

A combination of vibrant colorful photographs of several inspirational landscapes around the world and those Burning Man images are pretty captivating for anyone who visits his Instagram account.

  1. @uncornered_market

Instagram travel blogger photographer

Dan accompanied by Audrey, takes you on a tour through of Asia, Africa and Europe with their amazing photos flooding the Instagram feed.

No doubt they are terrific photographers and passionate explorers.

  1. @michaelchristopherbrown

Instagram travel blogger photographer

Photojournalist would be the proper term for someone like Michael. He takes news assignments for National Geographic and covers a lot of China, the Congo and Libya.

His impressive photography has attracted large number of fan following.

  1. @kirstenalana

AMAZING Travel Photographers To Follow on Instagram

In addition to great photos of exotic international places, she provides interesting insights and updates about the places she is about to visit.

Her mini blogs like posts are drawing much attention and appreciation.

  1. @tiffpenguin

AMAZING Travel Photographers To Follow on Instagram

The fact that Tiffany is a dentist should not make you dread her Instagram account.

Her love for travel has dragged her feat to many of world’s beautiful places in her spare time.

You must not miss her photos of colorful mountain adventures.

  1. @theplanetd

AMAZING Travel Photographers To Follow on Instagram

The humorous duo of Dave& Deb is a great space on Instagram for travel blog lovers.

They sure believe in adventure which is quite evident on their Instagram feed. Their image exhibition on Instagram is truly a treat to the eye.

  1. @bloggeries

AMAZING Travel Photographers To Follow on Instagram

A gregarious gentleman called Rob loves updating he’s blog, as he enjoys life to the fullest, he decided to change he’s boring life, why not do the same and follow him as he lives life to the fullest.

When Rob is not traveling he at home which is little corn island, Nicaragua.

Why not follow Rob as he shares he’s tales, please don’t let he’s secret out on this Caribbean gem

  1. @theblondeabroad

AMAZING Travel Photographers To Follow on Instagram

If you love festivals, photography and fashion and you see pictures let inspires you to go to different adventure, why not follow Kiersten, is always somewhere amazing. It could be at a festival or a beach, let her inspire you.

Apart from these 20 Travel Bloggers to Follow on Instagram, there are some more amazing travel bloggers you can choose from to follow –

21. @legalnomads

AMAZING Travel Photographers To Follow on Instagram

Photos of food don’t do their justices as Jodi who used to be a lawyer, goes around the world trying all different kind of food.

Why not follow her story as she connects to the new cultures.

   22. @pausethemoment

If you want to now about the sunny places and not the cold ones, why not follow Ryan as he post all of he’s amazing photos from all the warm places he has been, all of the adventures he has done like diving in the cenotes in the Yucatan.

   23. @leeabbamonte

AMAZING Travel Photographers To Follow on Instagram

Just imagine going to every country in the world, here is a story of the youngest American who’s called lee, he shares his photos from all the beautiful locations like south pole and the Philippines.

   24. @thepointsguy

AMAZING Travel Photographers To Follow on Instagram

If you want to travel the world for free well almost, collect your miles and your points just like Brian does, as he lives the good life around the world.

There you have it.. a small list of 24 Instagram accounts that you may want to add on your feed.

Do you have someone you follow that is worthy to be included in this list? Let me know, comment below.



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