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Jacaranda travels to… La Union! When thinking of possible tourist destinations in the Philippines, most people would not originally consider La Union.

However, in recent decades, more and more tourists have come to discover the beauty of La Union’s beaches thanks to Thunderbird Resort.

Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point La Union Review

Thunderbird Hotel Resort Lobby

Thunderbird Resort is located in Poro Point, San Fernando, La Union. At present, it is the only five-star hotel located in Northern Philippines.

Its remote location accords vacationers and their families all the privacy they need, without sacrificing the luxuries of modern amenities.

If you are thinking about going on a vacation in Thunderbird Resort, here are some interesting things that you can do there and around the area…

1) Explore the Resort

When you arrive at Thunderbird Resort, the first thing that will immediately catch your eye is its homey Mediterranean-style architecture.

After checking into your rooms, it is highly recommended that you explore the resort, not only to familiar yourself with its various facilities, but also to check out its architectural style, which includes white-washed houses and an exquisite blue dome, the interior of which has swirling sea nymph figures also painted in blue.

2) Relax in Your Room

relax in your room - thunderbird resort

If you’re still exhausted from the long travel, you might want to relax a bit in your room.

Thunderbird Resort offers (as of this writing, construction of additional suites on going…) 10 Superior Deluxe and 22 Deluxe Rooms and 4 Deluxe Suites. For absolutely privacy, you can also rent their exclusive Athena Villa.

All of their rooms come with large comfortable beds and soft pillow which will have you napping in no time. Or you can watch your favorite programs in their LCD HD TVs or surf the Internet via their free WiFi.

Some rooms offer lovely views of the West Philippine Sea.

3) Swim in the beach via Cliffs Beach Club

thunderbird beach cliff resort

Once you have gotten enough rest, you can hit the beach of Poro Point via Cliffs Beach Club.

Not only do you get to swim in the crystal blue beach (which is rarely crowded unlike other popular beach resorts), you can also avail of soothing body treatments along the shore.

The resort also rents out jetskis for the more adventurous types.

4)  Revel in the Infinity Pools

thunderbird amazing beach pool view infinity pool

If you don’t feel like swimming in the beach, you can swim in one of the many stylish infinity pools that Thunderbird Resort has to offer. Each of the pools comes with a bar so you can enjoy some refreshments.

5) Improve your game at Cliffs Golf Club

Cliffs Golf Club

Nope, I do not play gold but I know there will be readers here who do. So, let me share this golf course in the resort just for you!

Thunderbird Resort boasts of an actual golf club called Cliffs Golf Club. An all-weather golf course, it is located at the very peak of Poro Point Peninsula.

Hotel patrons and member’s guests can play a game of golf at a price range of Php 700 to Php 1,500. They  also have walk-in rates at Php 900 to Php 1,700.

5) Pamper your body

thunderbird resort - santorini of philippiensPamper your body by heading off to the resort’s Fitness and Relaxation Center.

The resort is particularly famous for its signature Zaphira spa and massages. For a full hour, you can enjoy the Zaphira Spa and Massage for Php 600 per hour.

They also offer Shiatsu at Php 700, Head and Shoulder Massage for Php 300 and De-stress Foot Reflexology for Php 600 (all for 1 hour treatments).

6) Play sports

If you’ve gotten tired of swimming and/or if golf is not to your liking, you can play with other guests in the resort’s outdoor basketball courts.

They also have a volleyball net installed along the pool area.

7) Enjoy fine dining

Patio Santorini

Aside from its Pool Bars, Thunderbird Resort’s most famous restaurants are Olives Restaurant and Patio Santorini.

Olives Restaurant is located in the resort’s lobby and is particularly noted for its yummy Mediterranean cuisine and its woodburned pizza (a favorite among guests).

Olives also has a beautiful outdoor garden which you can stroll through so you can burn off a little of those pounds you have consumed.

Patio Santorini is the al fresco lounge and bar wherein you can get a fantastic view of the sea and sunset while drinking your favorite wines and spirits.

8) Try your luck

For those who have enough moolah to spare, you might want to try your luck at the resort’s Fiesta Casino. Not only do they have poker, roulette and other table games and slot machines, they also offer raffles, cash giveaways, and great promotions.

You can also enjoy fine dining at the casino’s Vegas Café and the Cabana Bar, both of which are open 24/7.

9) Visit the sights around the resort

You don’t have to confine yourself to Thunderbird Resort while on your vacation. There are a number of interesting sights to see just a short distance from the resort. These interesting locations include…

Old and New Poro Point Lighthouse = Both the old and the new Poro Point Lighthouse are just a short walk away from Thunderbird Resort.

You might want to ask the resort staff if they can give you a guided tour (especially since the light house is near a naval zone and you might find yourself wandering into restricted areas).

Christ The Redeemer Statue = The large statue of Christ the Redeemer is just 3.7 kilometers from the resort.

Pindangan Ruins = 2.4 kilometers from the resort, Pindangan Ruins are the remains of an old Spanish church. Standing behind the ruins is the Carmelite Monastery.

Night Market SFC = The Night Market SFC is a great place to buy souvenirs and sample local cuisine. It is only 3.3 kilometers from the resort.

La Union Botanical Garden = The La Union Botanical Garden is 8.8 kilometers from the resort and is accessible by jeepney and bus. Aside from the beautiful flora, the site also has a mini zoo and a children’s park.

Tuddingan Falls = Situated 14.5 kilometers from Thunderbird Resort, Tuddingan Falls is a picturesque waterfall located at a top of a hill, with its waters plunging into a blue pool. Many tourists though recommend that the falls be visited during the rainy season when water flow is at its strongest. During the hot summer months, the falls may be reduced to slender flow.

Thunderbird resort logo

Going To Thunderbird Resort?

If after reading this review of Thunderbird Resort in Poro Point La Union you want to come there and visit, I have great news for you! I can hook you up! Visit our Facebook Page, send us a PM and we will give a great price for the rooms! (“Great”, meaning it’s cheaper that the one in their official website and in Agoda).

Or of course you can go ahead and book your trip in Agoda yourself –> HERE.

Hope this articles helped someone! Go and Travel the World!

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Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point Review


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