5 Important Things Travel Bloggers Know and Share That Can Help You

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“World is like a book. If you do not travel, then you have only read one page in it.”  –Augustine

When you have decided to travel, one of the first thing you need to know is to check on the do’s and don’ts of the place you are traveling to.

If you want to know the best sites online to do research for these kind of information, there is no better place to look than those site of travel bloggers.

Sure the local tourism website or the government sites may provide you certain information from the cultural and social perspective, but true information on the challenges you will face or the adventures you should not miss out and the sights you must see are found only in the blog of a traveler.

Given below is a list of such things that you can only get from a travel blog or things that only a travel blogger can help you with.

How To Plan Your Trip

How To Plan Your Trip

There is nothing that can beat the information from a travel blog when you are planning a trip.

Be it to the mountains or to the beach, a travel blogger can tell you everything from the right season to visit to the kind and number of shoes you need to take.

A travel blog is aimed to give you the information on the different activities one can do in a given place and the best way to do the same. You can weigh your options based on the information and plan your travel accordingly.

This way, you don’t have to worry about getting value for your money or getting stranded without essentials in your holiday.

Information About the Destination – When To Go There, What To See

More often than not, when we travel to a place, we end up visiting the same spots as what was shown by our friends in Facebook or from a travel magazine article or somewhere else.These are a big influence as to where our next vacation or trip will be.

If we are unfortunate, we end up visiting them in the not so best of the times which means we do not get to enjoy the full beauty of the landscape we are visiting.

However, a travel blogger explores every nook of the land and lets you know the best spots to pay a visit to at which time of the year.

A travel blogger will also be able to guide you the best time to visit a particular spot, like in the moonlight or a hill top view. The natural explorative habit of the blogger helps them to provide you with the many different options you have and the pictures they post are inviting and informative.

Tips on Travel Hacking

Tips on travel hacking

Most of the times, when you book a holiday package through a travel agency or a booking site, you will find yourself stretching your budget.

You will be surprised to know that there are travel bloggers who also help you out to plan your holiday within your budget including your air travel costs.

Yes, this is indeed for real. Some of the travel

Travel bloggers like Gary Leff (read the blog View From the Wing) help you with the best travel hacking ideas. He help you learn of the cheapest mode of transport, loyalty programs and the best way to reach a destination along with good deals for making your holiday within the budget.

Also (love your own), The Two Monkeys Travel Group, featured in our Best Pinoy Travel Bloggers, also have a number of travel tips and advise and are still continuing to post very valuable content that will surely can help a not-so frequent traveler.

So you have bloggers who not only give you ideas on the places of your interest and the things you can do, but also help you to plan your travel within your budget.

Knowing All About the Destination

travel preparation

Whether if you are traveling to the most bustling city or to a calm beach in a remote island, you need to know about that particular place before you set foot in it.

You need to know what to bring along with you in terms of clothing, food, essentials and what not to carry.

You also need to know if there are any laws that you need to remember when you set foot in a foreign soil.

Better be prepared than be sorry later!

Also, you need to know about the places that will provide you the right food at the right price, the sports that you can partake in and the places you can trust to stay at.

You also need information on the safety standards of the place you are visiting like if it is safe to walk in the night, etc.

All this information and much more are being shared by a travel blogger on his website. A travel blog is an honest representation of the reality and it is meant to spell what is good and what is not in clear sentences.

It will help you be prepared for any situation that may arise whether you are traveling alone or with your family.

A travel blogger will also provide you review from other fellow travelers, videos and pictures of the location, and interviews from the people he/she has met in the travel. This will help you to know about your destination even before you go there.

Inspire Yourself

travel inspire

The best stories of inspiration and adventure can only be found in a travel blog. From a simple story on the cuisine to a deep anecdote of the culture, everything is articulated more clearly in a travel blog.

A travel blogger gives you the inspiration through his videos, photos, anecdotes and over all through his blog to visit many places.

The blogger inspires you to explore the world around you and encourages you to look at it from a different pair of eyes. The truly inspiring travel blog will open your senses to the different natural phenomenon happening around you which you have failed to notice earlier.

Blogging has taken the internet and social media by storm with more people entering the foray to share their adventures and stories. Travel blogging is doubtlessly more interesting owing to the many different places and cultures you get to see through them.

The photos and the anecdotes provide you with a clear picture of what to expect from a particular destination in the world. Trust the travel bloggers to keep you in reality.

5 Things Travel Blogger Knows

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