4 Reasons To Choose Europe For Your First Female Solo Travel

“The Question Isn’t Who Is Going to Let Me; It’s Who Is Going to Stop Me,” these were the popular words of Ayn Rand, a renewed Russian-American writer.

A recent survey by Booking.com relieved around 63% of US women are exploring new places all alone.

This suggests a trend that ladies of this modern generation demand more freedom to live on their own terms.

A vacation without the partner and family at first seems a little odd, but later you discover the overwhelming positive impacts of this in a woman’s life, such as building self-confidence, overcome the fear of flying(in case if it’s your first air travel), meet new people & discover more about their culture, and learn a new language.

So, planning your first solo trip, believe like me, you too will be having a nervous feeling striking right down to your spine.

Travelling solo is easier said than done, there is a myriad of facets contributing to our fears, stretching from one’s safety in a foreign land, managing things to staying within a budget.

Here, in this post, we’ll be mentioning worthy reasons those make Europe a remarkable destination.

  1. Efficient & Convenient Public Transportation

Once you land in Europe, you won’t struggle with getting around as the public transportation in entire Europe is excellent, covering every nook and corner of this continent.

The European continent comprises of 50 countries, with each one has its own culture, traditions, and cuisine, you can experience a lot in a pretty short span of time-, be it via air, land, sea.

European cities are safe to be explored, even during the odd hours of the day, with efficient public transportation facility, pedestrianised zones, and cycle routes.

For female solo travellers, freecycling/walking tour is a no-brainer to meet new people and get familiar with their culture.

2. A Lot Cheaper than You Think

Whenever Europe strikes a chord with our mind, when deciding on a vacation destination, we reach the conclusion that it is an expensive continent.

But, this is far from the truth, with little research and efforts, you can steal some epic deals.

Plan your vacation during the non-shoulder months of the year.

Prefer public transportation over private cabs to save on your solo Europe holiday trip.

And, not to mention, there is a lot of cool stuff to do for free, so it is advisable to know every inch of place when you’ll be holidaying to have amazing experience within a constrained budget.

3. Meet Fellow Travellers

The best part about travelling solo is getting out of the comfort zone, prompting solo travelers to talk to strangers and make new friends.

However, most girls are slightly hesitant to go on a solo vacation with the prospect of being lonely, but you’ll be amazed at how many solo vacationers are landing in Europe without their partner each year in Europe.

Since Europe is a hot-spot  for vacationers, here you’ll find open-minded solo female travellers,  and with them you can learn new things and build your inner confidence.

4.  Pocket-Friendly Accommodations in Europe

European cities are bursting with hostels of all kinds and sizes, as per your expectations & budget.

Well, at first you’ll be slightly nervous with the prospect of sharing a room with a stranger, but hostels here are friendly and welcoming.

If you are still unsure, look for female-only rooms or you can book a private space for a mix of socialisation and privacy by spending a few dollars extra.

Most of the hostels, here offer a myriad of features, spanning from bar crawls, yoga sessions to walking tours, so you can better interact with the locals.

But, with more than 5,000 hostels spread across the European continent, you’ll have to put-in efforts to locate the right hostel.

KeyTips for Solo Female Travelers To Europe

  • Choose Your Destination with Intent
  • Plan Your First Night Well
  • Keep your accommodation to yourself
  • Meet Other Women Travellers
  • Take a Break from Technology
  • Stay Local, Buy Local, Meet Locals

In case, if you have a phobia for flying, then you must take sessions on how to get over fear of flying before boarding the plane.

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