Travelling is certainly a dream for many people out there because they see it as a form of adventure which adds meaning to one’s life. Some travels take 3 days, others weeks, some for a month, or some immigrate elsewhere.

What’s important is that you have a place to stay so it’s necessary to check hotels in France, rooms for rent in Singapore, or a motel in the Philippines. If you’re a resident in the Philippines, consider travelling to these 20 Visa-free destinations for local passport holders.

1. Laos, Asia


Maximum duration: 30 days
If you’re decided to visit another country with numerous islands, Laos is the place to be. Unwind and enjoy the land of lotus eaters in this beautiful city.

Popular places to visit and do in Laos:

2. Kenya, Africa


Maximum duration: 90 days
Visit the land of the wild, Africa is now a visa-free destination if you prefer to go somewhere to appreciate wile nature’s beauty.

Places to check out in Kenya:

3. Armenia, Asia


Maximum duration: 120 days
Armenia is a place to be to see the historic beauty of the monasteries here to find your inner peace. This is one of the very first civilizations in the world.

4. Bolivia, South America


Maximum duration: 90 days
The adventurous should visit Bolivia to experience a worthwhile thrill due to the activities available here!
Photo Courtesy: caribbeanislands.com
Photo Courtesy: Caribbeanislands.com

5. Haiti, Caribbean


Maximum duration: 90 days
See the vibrant beauty Haiti can offer by taking in the natural wonders of this little island in the Caribbean.

6. Papua New Guinea, Oceania


Maximum duration: 60 days
Explore the amazing rainforests, blue seas, and remarkable places in Papua New Guinea.

7. Brazil, Africa


Maximum duration: 180 days
One of the most festive countries in the world is Brazil. Experience the fun and loud this country can bring.

8. India, South Asia


Maximum duration: 30 days
Currently on the goal for meditating and soul searching? India is the country to be. Fuel up your wanderlust by exploring the sites to see here.

9. Morocco, Africa


Maximum duration: 90 days
All the amazing culture, towns, deserts, and exotic food are found here in Morocco.

10. Fiji, Oceania


Maximum duration: 120 days
If you’re looking for a new and uncommon escape, Fiji has it all. See the refreshing beaches here to have that serene surrounding you want.

11. East Timor, Asia


Maximum duration: 30 days
A country that’s not far from our motherland is East Timor. There are numerous exciting places to visit here.

12. Kosovo, Europe


Maximum duration: 15 days
While you must first travel to OECD countries first, travel to Kosovo is now free. Kosovo is certainly one of the prettiest places out there worth anyone’s visit.

13. Yangon, Asia


Maximum duration: 14 days
See the Buddhist temples and several pagodas in this astonishing city.

14. Kandy, Asia


Maximum duration: 30 days
Kandy, a sacred city, is found in Sri Lanka. It’s best to visit the temples in this area and take a sip of their unique teas.

15. Suriname, South America


Maximum duration: 90 days
Take in to experience the culture and nature of suriname. There are hundreds of beautiful structures found in this city.

16. Ecuador, South America


Maximum duration: 90 days
Ride the extremely long “swing at the end of the world” in this country. Ecuador is known for its extreme activities, so do them if you choose to go.

17. Peru, South America


Maximum duration: 60 days
Visit the land of the Amazon rainforests, Andes Mountains, and the ever famous Machu Picchu here in Peru.

18. Mozambique, Africa


Maximum duration: 30 days
Mozambique is known for its everlasting bodies of water. Take a dive in the gorgeous marine sites there.

19. Israel, Middle East


Maximum duration: depend on immigration
Israel is famously dubbed as the Holy Land which can be visited easily nowadays. Check why it is called as is as you visit this special country.

20. Brunei, Asia


Maximum duration: 14 days
See the amazing mosques here in Brunei and get a brief realization of how beautifully different there life is.

Place a checkmark once you visit these outstanding Visa-free places in the world. It would surely be a delight once you experience a different world as you visit a new country.

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