15 Top Boracay Hotels You Should Book Next Time You Visit

Top Boracay Hotels

Are you in search of some great top hotels in Boracay? Boracay has become.. No. Boracay is a famous tourist spot owing to its great natural beauty.

Your search for the best hotels end here, for we have listed down the top 15 hotels in Boracay from which you can select and book.

Shangri La’s Boracay Resort and Spa

Top Boracay Hotels

Shangri La’s Boracay resort and spa is a new standard of luxury located in the beautiful Boracay Island.

A perfect combination of comfort and luxury with a respect for nature, this hotel is based on 12 hectares with 36 suits and villas and 219 rooms.

You will find a 350 m beach front with immense fauna and flora. There are two private beachfronts including an infinity pool that can be separately booked for families.

The hotel offers a variety of amusement activities even within the premise.

Surfside Boracay Resort and Spa

Surfside Boracay Resort and Spa

Surfside Boracay Resort and Spa is situated near the southern end of the Island, Malay Aklan.

This location is ideal for those who would want their resort to be private and peaceful.

Although private, it gives you easy access towards some of the best locations in Boracay and the island. It is in general a peaceful adventure.

Boracay Uptown

Boracay Uptown

Boracay Uptown is a newly developed beach resort that is situated at station 2 with spacious and modern room offerings.

A few steps away from D’Mall Boracay uptown is a perfect location for shopaholics.

There is comfort, luxury and an easily accessible beach. The hotel has a 4 star rating.

The District Boracay

The District Boracay

The District-Boracay is a beachfront hotel resort which is located at the center of a much famous Boracay island, Philippines, alongside the white sand of boat station 2.

The hotel is approximately a 3 minute walk from the D’mall main road, which is the most famous mall in this area.

There are 48 rooms, and suites, an outdoor pool, two restaurants, roof deck for events and bars for evening parties.

Boracay Haven Resort

Boracay Haven Resort

Boracay Haven Resort is another newly developed hotel with 55 rooms and is located near Boat Station 2 which is a much known Boracay island.

The hotel is about a 2 minute walk from the beach. There is a beachfront lounge for pool, restaurant, swimming, bar and roof desk.

The customer service is efficient and provides you the promised comfort.

Fairways and Bluewater

Fairways and Bluewater

Fairways and Bluewater are based on 150 hectares has a location much near to the famous Boracay Island.

The hotel offers a private white sand beach with 18 golf courses. There are 5 food outlets, 3 swimming pools, spacious and modern designed suites and rooms.

Fairways and Bluewater offer more than 300 fully air conditioned rooms with a view of gold club or garden. Every room has a coffee/tea maker, fridge, TV and wifi coverage.

There are also fitness facilities available. For indoor activities you will find steam bath, Jacuzzi, gym, horse riding, Segway rides and more.

You can also arrange a dinner for your couple at the island location by arranging it with the hotel. There are private events that can be organized for the families in the hotel.

Frendz Resort

Frendz Resort

Frendz Resort has a location 2 minute away from the white beach and has indoor restaurants and bars.

There are rooms for all kinds of budgets. Inside the hotel are beautiful tropical gardens and bungalows set with flowers.

There is a 24 hour electricity generation with pool table, free Wi-Fi coverage and great food. The hotel has a great reputation amongst the tourists.

Check out their Facebook page and you will see for yourself how wild the party is in Frendz Resort!

Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel

Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel

(photo credit: WhenInManila)

Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel is one of the world famous hotels located at Station 2, Boracay Island.

There are a total 52 suits and rooms offering modern Filipino inspired designs which immediately makes you captive of the luxurious setting and essences.

This hotel is also the home to an Italian restaurant, Don Vito Ristorante which was awarded for being the best in Philippines in 2011.

You will also find spa, gym and fitness providers with traditional Filipino therapies and massage.

Discovery Shores Boracay

Discovery Shores Boracay

Discovery Shores Boracay is a beachfront property that is located near the Shore of Boracay Island and is referred to the first class luxury resort design in a majestic region.

Other than the spacious rooms and wellness spa, this hotel also offers Indigo Restaurant, Sands Restaurant, swimming pool, beach bar, and an event hall.

You can have your services customized and personalized with employees available for your service 24/7. Money back guarantee on bad quality service.

Microtel Boracay

Microtel Boracay

Microtel Boracay is another Mediterranean resort at beach front.

You will find it to have a typical island look with a white sand beach on the door step.

The hotel offers island adventures, tropical beach and sport activities. Microtel Boracay owns to the unmatched comfort of beach holidays and fully complements the tropical lifestyle.

Charming Resting Place

Is another tropical nirvana and serenity offering hotel located in a minutes’ walk from the Boracay hotel.

The staff caters all your needs and provides you services that help you enjoy the beauty and serenity of Boracay.

You can enjoy your family time without having to pay a high price. It is one of the best hotels that also comes in budget.

7 Stones Boracay suites

7 Stones Boracay suites

Located on the Shore of Boracay Island, 7 Stones Boracay suites offers services of all the European brands with modern technology such as LCDs, home theatre, high speed WIFI and more.

It is basically a blend of tropical and modern lifestyle. It also covers your transport services.

Henann Garden Resort

Henann Garden Resort

Offering 273 suits and rooms, Henann garden resort aims of providing the guests an affordable accommodation and keeping up with the comfort and luxury they are looking for. It is a spa, restaurants and beautiful landscape gardens.

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel


This hotel is located by the end of Station 1 and offers 14 suit rooms, two beachfront rooms that offer sea view from the balcony. The hotel is private and based on a unique design. It is one of the recommended hotels of the island, if you are looking to stay in budget.

Ambassador in Paradise Resort

Ambassador in Paradise Resort

Located a few minutes’ walk away from the hotel, this is one of the most luxurious hotels near the island.

It is best designed for events, weddings and functions that are to be organized by the hotel. But that does not mean that your family or barkada should not try and book here. Oh boy, you must! You must!

But Finally,

There are more than 300 amazing hotels in Boracay that every tourist foreign and local to choose from. The hotels mentioned here are just a few that you absolutely need to check out!

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