Hong Kong is well known all over the world as the mecca of shopping. In recent decades, it has become a destination for fun and excitement, thanks to Disneyworld and Ocean Park.

But there is more to Hong Kong than shopping. Here is a list of places to visit in Hong Kong that most tourists don’t know about…

Lesser known waterfront promenades

For most tourists, the waterfront promenade to go to is Tsim Sha Tsui. But there are more promenades that are less crowded and even offer better views of the Hong Kong skyline.

One of these is West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade. Other alternatives are the new establishments, Kwun Tong Promenade and Ma On Shan Promenade.

Dundas Street

Practically every tourist knows the streets where they can go shopping for the best deals. However, a little known street in Mongkok caters exclusively to sweets.

For the best sweets in Hong Kong, head off to Dundas Street. Try out their yummy street snacks. Vendors there are particularly famous for their cupcakes and bubble tea.

Shui Hau

Lantau Island has become popular because of the clam digging activities in the town of Mui Wo. However, the quality of the river water is a reason to be cautious for the sake of your health.

The better option is to head off to the smaller, secluded village of Shui Hau. Go to Fung Wong Bungalow Centre and rent some clam digging tools.

Just bring your catch back to the centre and Mr. Chan Wing, the centre owner, will cook it for you.

Fashion Shopping

Tourists love to visit Hong Kong because they can buy designer fashions at affordable prices.

You should, however, check out the locally designed fashions, shoes, leather bags and accessories from the young and talented indie designers of the country.

They may be little known but their fashions rank among the best in the world. For indie fashion shopping, the best places to go to are Rise in Tsim Sha Tsui, Argyle Center on Nathan Road in Mongkok, and Island Beverly in Great George Street in Causeway Bay.

The Art Scene

SoHo, Hong Kong has come to be known as the art mecca of the country, but it can get pretty crowded, not to mention the prices of the arts a bit on the pricey side.

The better alternative is to check out the artists’ communes where they hang out and showcase their masterpieces.

These great art places include C&G Art Space, Cattle Depot Artist Village, and Osage Kwun Tong.

It’s more fun in the Philippines via Central

If you’ve grown tired of eating Chinese food, now is the time to try out authentic Filipino cuisine at Central. Central is the place where Filipino OFWs converge to share AND sell food, listen to Pinoy music and just shoot the breeze.

Visit World Wide House for the best Filipino foods as well as the latest videos in the Philippines.

The popular Filipino dessert “halo-halo” tastes just as good in Hong Kong because the ingredients all come from the Philippines.

Blanc de Chine

Lady tourists never leave Hong Kong without a stylish Qipao in their bags. However, this lovely dress is considered out of style and impractical.

Not so at the popular boutique Blanc de Chine in Shanghai Tang. Designers have transformed the traditional Qipao into a simpler, minimalist, but still elegant design which makes it suitable for everyday use.

Thrill ride on a mini-bus

Tourists say that Hong Kong has one of the safest and most efficient public transportation systems in the world, but credit should also be given to the drivers.

In this case, you should check out the red top mini-buses that are independently run by private contractors.

Let’s just say you can readily imagine yourself riding that bus with Sandra Bullock in the movie “Speed” if you get in one, because these mini-bus drivers are daring daredevils.

Scary boat ride to Lamma

If you find yourself in Hong Kong and want to head off to Lamma Island but you end up missing the ferry, you can take a sampan ride to Lamma or other locations like Sok Kwu Wan or Yung Shue Wan. There’s a catch though. The sampans are being piloted by gray haired old women called “ah-pohs”. Needless to say, it would be like riding in a sampan with Sadako from “Ringu.”

Visit the Buildings of I.M. Pei

If you love architecture, you should do well to visit world-renowned architect I.M. Pei’s other creations, aside from the famous glass tower of the Bank of China. Visit Sunning Court and Sunning Plaza, which is also made out of glass, same as the Bank of China Tower.

Happy Valley

One way to make your trip to Hong Kong a bit more interesting with a touch of the morbid is to visit Happy Valley aka Hong Kong Cemetery. Aside from being the place where notable personages in Hong Kong history, such as Joseph Hughes GC and Samuel Cornell Plant, Happy Valley is the only cemetery in the world that is open to different faiths, ranging from the Protestant faith to Zoroastrianism.

Wan Chai

For a more bloodcurdling turn to your Hong Kong trip, you can go on the Wan Chai Heritage and Haunted Tour being offered by tour guide Maria. The main highlights of the tour include a visit to a haunted mansion which was formerly a brothel, haunted streets which were built on top of a cemetery, a haunted bomb shelter, and an abandoned school.

Kwun Chung Cinema

For the racier side of Hong Kong, the place to check out is Kwun Chung Cinema which is the only existing porn theater. For the affordable price of HK $15, you can watch dubbed Japanese softcore pornography from the 1980s. However, you need to ask around though. The cinema is tucked away in a small side street and you can easily get lost if you don’t know where to find it.

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