10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be a Travel Blogger

Why It Rocks To Be a Travel Blogger

Whether you admin it openly or not, at some point in time, you have always dreamt of breaking free and travel the world or kahit #pinasmuna.

In fact, you ask anyone with a slightly compelling tone, and from the deepest corners of their hearts, even if it is for the sake of the moment, they would admit that they would like to take on that journey to the unknown.

For most, the chapter starts and ends with the thought at the same place, for traveling the world is a challenge not everyone dares to undertake!

It is only a few, a rare breed called the travel bloggers, who do it right on the face, against all odds, challenges and setbacks.

I personally have had great travels form the past year in additional I have a handful of interviews from the top and most active Pinoy travel bloggers and here are 10 reasons, why it feels like a rock-star to be a travel blogger!

1.  World is under your feet

Why It Rocks To Be a Travel Blogger

For a travel blogger, no place on earth is beyond reach. If it is, he finds a way to reach them. Take Ed Puno‘s trip to Norzagaray for example. He took a bus, a jeep and a tricylce to reach Bakas River.

Taking the world to his stride is his daily job. Befriending the unknown people and cultures his forte`.

He passionately lives each moment of his journey and can create an encyclopaedia out of every travel experience.

He has shook hands with people of every ethnicity, culture and language.

A travel blogger is one who engages all his senses to transcend every escapade to create unforgettable memories.

World is truly under their feet!

2. Eat Travel, Sleep Travel, Live Travel

If not literally, but yes!

2. Eat Travel, Sleep Travel, Live Travel

A travel blogger lives, breathes, eats, speaks and dreams of travel. He is not the one who can be chained up at a place for long, as he lives by the principle that the world is constantly on the move and so should he be.

A travel blogger derives the same happiness by traveling to the remotest corner of earth as he does by traveling to the wonders of the world.

He is surrounded with every alphabet of the word travel- all the time. Others may call him a nerd, but that’s how it works for him.

3. There is an adrenaline rush to travel to those unknown lands

adrenaline rush to travel to those unknown lands

Have you felt that way before? How your brains work faster when you board that plane to travel to a place you have never traveled before, do not know their language, don’t know what food they eat, and how the people are?

A travel blogger lives by this code.

For him, the uncertainty is the part and parcel of the game, and that adds spice to his experience.

Celebrating an unknown festival on an unknown land, with unknown people, he finds the subtle connect despite all the uncertainties put together at one place.

In fact, this is what defines an awesome traveler. He lives every moment of that adrenaline rush with the same spirit as a child lives by his happiness.

4. Travel makes you the most daring of all

Photo credit: https://collettevblog.wordpress.com/

Photo credit: https://collettevblog.wordpress.com/

There wouldn’t have been a Sindbad or Gulliver had they not traveled the world. (Ok, well there are also non-fictitious characters who are traveling the world right now, take Kach and Jonathan for example 🙂 )

They not only traveled the world, they lived and created experiences of a lifetime, moments no one else would ever be able to explain and understand than them alone.

Their adventures took them to lands they never imagined about and met with people whom they never expected to meet.

A travel blogger is a Gulliver of his own travels, with his own experiences, stories and adventures that can only make others burn with envy.

5. Cultural Boundaries are never a barrier for a traveler

5. Cultural Boundaries are never a barrier for a traveller

Those who have traveled to different countries understand how instantly the language of the land establishes a connection.

For a traveler, every country has a new cultural taste to share with them.

Whether it is about walking through the wide lanes and massive pyramidal structures of Egypt, or moving through the wine yards of Europe, participating in crazy festivals such as Tomatina, or immersing oneself in reggae on the Caribbean shores, there is no barrier stopping him from experiencing the best of the world.

6. No knowledge is beyond your reach

no knowledge is beyond your reach

Imagine knowing how to make your way through any part of the world.

Those who go to schools could only imagine through the words and pictures in the study books, but those who travel the world, can virtually live through the historical experiences.

Every country has years of rich historical and cultural resource to share with their travelers; not all of which can be bound within the pages of the books, and it is only for those lucky few, who have walked that extra mile in search of truth, do they end up with such reality.

As it is aptly mentioned by Giorgio Vasari on his famous mural Battaglia di Marciano, that hangs in the Palazzo Vecchio, town hall of Florence, Italy that reads- Cerca TrovaSeek and ye shall find!

A travel blogger is a constant seeker of knowledge, his hunger and thirst quenched by connecting subtly with the place he travels to, and seeks his own answers.

For such, no knowledge remains hidden for long, as they eventually reach the depths of wisdom.

7. No matter where you go, your stories are uniquely awesome!

Travel Unique stories

There are so many travel bloggers today, taking to different routes of the globe and different times.

Though they may take to the same parts of the world, every traveler has a unique experience. It is this diversity that makes every travel blogger unique.

No story repeats itself, and no experiences are the same, and that is what makes every travel blogger a rock-star.

It is this ‘plans gone wrong’ over the ‘plans made’ that creates an awesome experience.

8. Travel lets you entice all your senses

Travel lets you entice all your senses

When traveling an unknown land, especially when you not know much about the place, it puts all your senses on high alert.

You are more anxious to know, and learn and there is always that curiosity at every step of the way.

You are actually living all those apprehensions that you thought of, before you set on that voyage.

But as you gradually live through every moment and overcome every obstacle, it gives you an answer that deeply connects to your inner self.

There can be no better answers than the ones that come to you through your real life experiences, and travel lets you unfold those unanswered questions.

9. Travel changes the way you take your life

Believe it or not, it does!

Once you are back from that unknown land you had never dreamt of being before, some part of you is left there, forever!

And it constantly knocks the corners of your mind, reminding you of the experiences that you lived every day.

Ask those who have walked the path, and you will notice the spark in their eyes, for they are longing to hit those roads again.

You come out beyond yourself and learn to embrace the small and valuable moments of life. Travel changes you for the good. It is a transformation, forged through your experiences on the road.

10. Travel teaches you the true value of independence

For all those times that you were surrounded with intriguing questions in your mind- where, what, how and when? Once you live through all those questions and apprehensions, you understand the true value of your independence.

Travel puts all the wits of your education to test and helps you become more responsible. Nothing more can educate you better – your math lies in managing your money, the chemistry lies in the foods you taste, physics lies in the jetlags you get and biology in the wildlife you witness on your escapades.

It is you, who makes all your decisions, on–the-go. Right or wrong, good or bad, your decisions have taught and recreated you in some or the other way! And that is true independence!

So, do you dare to be the next rock-star?

10 Reasons Why It Rocks to be a Travel blogger

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