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    Follow us at Pinterest and Twitter for more inspiring Travel Quotes. LIKE us on Facebook! Traveling has always been a great way of making yourself invigorated and energized. To be stress free and to break the vicious circle of you hectic routine, traveling to different places can make you escape your dull and monotonous daily work schedule. By traveling, you embrace new cultures and new trends, [...]
    The island province of Palawan is the largest province in the Philippines. It consists of 1,780 islands – among them Busuanga, Coron, Culion, Durangan, Cuyo, Balabac, and the much disputed Spratlys  or Kalayaan Group of Islands – and small islets. Because of its distance from the Luzon mainland, with the exception of the capital city of Puerto Princesa, much of the province’s natural [...]
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    The true measure of a travel blogger on Instagram lies in the quality and beauty of the photos they post. These qualities are especially important when it comes to showcasing the true beauty of various locations in the Philippine Islands. If you are a Pinoy and you want to discover the hidden beauty of your country, make sure you follow these 15 Filipino travel bloggers on Instagram… 1) Angel [...]