The Bellevue Beach Resort Review in Panglao Island Bohol

the bellevue hotel beach resort review

Jacaranda travels to… Panglao, Bohol! This was from April 19 to 22, 2016! It was a very enjoyable 4 days for me and my family!

We stayed at one of the most gorgeous, luxurious hotel in Panglao Bohol.  And this Bellevue Beach resort review will surely make you want to book your own vacation there!

Bellevue Beach resort review

Located on the very picturesque Panglao Island in Bohol, the Bellevue Resort appears like an oasis in the desert amidst its tropical surroundings.

As we approached it (a rented car from Tagbilaran airport care of Tata Duallo for Php400 by the way), he pointed it out to us that we arrived at our destication, as though we could miss the enormous structure.

Bellevue Resort Panglao Bohol Review

And yes, our visit coincide with the Light of Jesus church. This is where I met Bro. Bo Sanchez. (More on that later or a photo or two).

First Impressions

First impressions are very positive. The hotel façade is very attractive and as one enters the grounds, there are several sprawling structures on your left and right within the very spacious resort grounds.

Bellevue lobby area

The first word that came out of my mouth was “wow”, followed by “elegant” (actually it was ‘wow, susyal‘). This is what makes the biggest impression.

But before that, the very exact moment that we got out from our car, the staff of the hotel greeted us with warm smiles and hellos.

And they even gave us a token necklace as a souvenir. So the one that you can see from their website (below) is absolutely true.

hotel souvenir

Yes, right there and then, we already got our remembrance of our stay (you don’t have to ‘take-home’ those shampoos and toothpastes *grin*.

All four of us received one. Here’s what my Sean got:

bellevue remembrace token


The elegant façade of the hotel, that huge  “B” was carried over into the interior and there was a certain atmosphere that I find hard to describe other than it made us feel very much at home, in a home that was not unlike that which one would find in newer houses inside Forbes park. Modern, classy, comfortable and inviting are words that only begin to describe the hotel and its facilities.

Here’s another kicker! On the late afternoon on our first day, we also received this complementary pastries with a hand-written welcome note from the hotel manager. Amazing! They sure know how to welcome guests.

handwritten welcome message

A fellow traveler mentioned that in an interview, the chairman of the Bellevue group had mentioned that their goal in this hotel was to achieve a harmony of the different elements including water, wood and stone among others.

Without a doubt, this goal, was achieved in The Bellevue Panglao.

Bellevue Amenities

elegant bellevue rooms

Because of the initial surprise at the beauty of the hotel upon entering, it was natural to assume that we wouldn’t be surprised anymore at the rooms. Well, we were wrong because we were still pleasantly surprised.

Our room were elegantly designed and furnished. They were all decorated in a tropical design done in a very classy manner.

I’m sure all room in the resort are like these if not way much better that ours.

The rooms are very spacious, clean and very well appointed. The design of the rooms is quite unique and give a very homey atmosphere.

It is both relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

It’s a bit like a very nice spa, elegant hotel room and classy bedroom all mixed in one. Quite intriguing and I am certainly looking forward to emulating the feel in my own home.

Bellevue Resort Food

By experience though, many hotels are quite impressive visually but fall short when it comes to the important things like food. I am happy to report that the Bellevue is not one of them.

First of all, there are a lot of dining options available across the various food outlets of the hotel.

From the Lamian World Cuisine to Marea for al fresco dining by the beach, even the pickiest of eaters will find a place that will satisfy their gastronomic aspirations. There are just so many options to satisfy all the different types of foodies.

lamian world cuisine

Seafood is of course a big thing in the hotel. Large mud crabs, lobster, lapu lapu are usually available all year round. The crabs are to die for. Aside from being extremely large, they were cooked in exemplary fashion.

Marea dine by the beach

We ordered different types of crab dishes among other things and all of the dishes were delicious. Of course the very fresh seafood is key to this, but the hotel clearly takes pride in preparing delicious meals for any occasion.

muro ami seafood restaurant

The breakfast buffet was the favorite of our family though, allowing us to load up in preparation for all the activities we had planned.

But for us, dining Al fresco is by far the most enjoyable and memorable moment of our stay. The beautiful surroundings put all of us in good spirits and feeling so thankful that we were able to dine in the midst of such wonderful surroundings.

bellevue breakfast buffet

Since dinner was relatively early so we could dine at sunset, after dinner or at most any other time, drinking in the breezy Sunken Flujo Bar was a real treat as well.

Stylish, yet comfortable decor and very tasty bar chow were just the thing to end a most pleasant day.


But this is of course a tropical resort and the hotel naturally took pains to make the outside facilities match the beauty of the interiors. On the way to the beachfront, one will pass the swimming pool.

The large, beautiful infinity swimming pool can keep one occupied for most of the day.

There also a lot of different types of seats to hang out around the pool and on the beach. Lots of beach umbrellas too.

beach umbrella

Should you manage to pull yourself away from the pool, you will be met by a scene that is hard to come by in Boracay nowadays.

It’s a sprawling, beautiful, clean beach and waters. During our stay the beachfront was not congested at all so we were able to stay in one of the elegant cabanas along the beach.

The younger kids preferred a smaller cabana of their own and later, wife and I decided to get a tan while lying on the beach chairs.

bellevue panglao infinity pool

It would be a stretch to call it unspoiled because it most definitely has been altered in a large way already, but the beach is definitely one of the best we have ever encountered in our travels in the Philippines.

The hotel has clearly been very serious about keeping the beach and its surrounding areas pristine.

Also, the different fishing boats and other vessels dotting the beach enhanced the picturesque beach and brought out the avid photographers in all of us.

The lovely surroundings made us all look like top flight photographers.

The Cons, Not For Everyone

Not everything in this world is perfect. Yeah, sure Bellevue has some things that you may raise your eye brows upon.

The Seaweeds

It’s not all peaches and cream though because there were some sea weeds in the beachfront. But I think the resort management is aware of this flaw and the have this small tractor with crew that collects them. From what I noticed they did this twice in the morning.

The Room Rates

From a price perspective, it is quite a bit on the high side, definitely not backpackers’ rates, but the facilities, the hotel are quite upscale as well.

I would suggest though that the Bellevue management consider having offers like that given by other hotels in the past where a membership would provide big discounts as well as coupons that will allow those among us with smaller wallets to treat themselves to the Bellevue experience.

Bellevue Bohol Room Rates

The above price or room rates are what you may see in online booking websites like Agoda, or

If you really really want to enjoy and experience Bellevue but these rates are too much, you can send us an email at and we’ll provide you special coupon discounts.

Hey, they do have promos and specials. And just now, as I checked their website, they have the following special offers for you:




Finally, Visit The Bellevue Panglao Bohol

If it seems that I am a big fan of the hotel, then I have to say that it is true. Our stay in Bellevue counts among the most pleasant and memorable experiences we have had as a family.

jacaranda travels to panglao bellevue

Whether you are there to relax, recharge bond with the family or for rekindling or starting romance the Bellevue delivers. Perhaps that is the best part of the hotel. Because of its sheer beauty, it appeals strongly to the senses and provides a venue where one can do all the above equally well.

teampalad at bellevue resort panglao

In fact, the worst moment of our vacation was when we had to leave.  It was such a sublime experience for the whole family and we will definitely go back there again for an extended stay.

If you really really want to enjoy and experience Bellevue but these rates are too much, you can send us an email at and we’ll provide you special coupon discounts.

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  1. Thanks for your detailed review! I plan on staying there in September, and I really do appreciate your info on the food there. Keep up the great writing on your stay in Bohol!

  2. But I must ask, did this hotel not make your top ten list of best hotel in Philippines? That’s too bad to hear.

  3. Hi Mike, thanks for dropping by.. you know you are right, Bellevue should be one of the top hotels in that post.

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